How To Wean A Child From Peeing In Pants

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How To Wean A Child From Peeing In Pants
How To Wean A Child From Peeing In Pants

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The process of weaning a toddler to pee in his pants requires a lot of parenting work and time. Therefore, while mastering this science, please be patient and start acting. Where do you start?

How to wean a child from peeing in pants
How to wean a child from peeing in pants


Step 1

First of all, in order to wean your baby from peeing in pants, you need to purchase a pot. The modern market offers a huge selection of pots: with comfortable protrusions, and with a chair, and with armrests, and with a back, and even musical ones. Remember, it must be comfortable to use, stable and made of safe plastic.

Step 2

When starting the weaning process, skip disposable diapers during the day and watch how often your bladder empties. Let your toddler feel the discomfort of wet pants and let you know to change. If, after emptying, the baby goes on with his own business and does not attach any importance to it, change it and try to explain that you should not write and poop in your pants.

Step 3

In no case do not scold the child if he did describe the pants. Do not forget that mastering any skill takes time.

Step 4

Think of gestures that your little one can use to make you know that he wants to use the toilet. Do not forget to introduce these gestures to everyone who is involved in raising your baby.

Step 5

Keep in mind that the baby gets used to a new skill much faster if the pot has a specific place. As soon as you notice that the baby has become quiet, has changed his facial expression, or is holding on to his pants, bring him to the pot.

Step 6

To stop the toddler from peeing in his pants, try incorporating the potty into casual, casual games. Plant it twice in one hour. At the same time, remember, do not force the child to sit on the potty for too long. Show the result of his work and be sure to praise.

Step 7

If the baby immediately jumps off the pot, try holding it in weight over it. Or put a doll on it and clearly show how she pees on the pot, imperceptibly pouring water into it. Then praise the doll so that the child understands that it is not good to pee in his pants.

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