How To Learn Numbers For A Child

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How To Learn Numbers For A Child
How To Learn Numbers For A Child

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Memorizing the first ten digits is a serious intellectual challenge for a little person. That only he does not have to listen to from parents and teachers who do not differ in tact and patience. But it's so easy to learn numbers using games, poetry and children's curiosity.

How to learn numbers for a child
How to learn numbers for a child


Step 1

Look for numbers on the street. A child will find the number five faster if he enters the image of a scout or a hunter for numbers. Instead of mechanical cramming and exhausting calligraphic exercises in the spirit of "dash, stick, hook", the future Perelman gets an exciting game that develops observation, visual memory and imagination. An additional bonus is communication between a baby and an adult, a guarantee of healthy family relationships in the future.

Step 2

Impersonation and personification. Instead of flat numbers, the child can imagine convex fairy-tale personalities with their own characters, details of appearance. In Soviet animation and children's literature, gray units were dull and vicious creatures, soldiers, guards, aggressors who pull the student into the abyss of illiteracy. Red fives were important and kind, in the form of birds or beautiful women, almost ascending to the archetypal image of the mother goddess. But do not impose these patterns on the child. He has every right to populate his fairy-tale world with arithmetic heroes and antiheroes. Does the kid sympathize with the number eight because it is kind, purple and smells like a cucumber? Very well.

Step 3

Tell a story about numbers, counting and mathematicians who lived at the dawn of history. Young children will appreciate the fascinating story about the ancient methods of counting, about the different forms of writing numbers and about the role of numbers in human life. This will help the child to understand the expediency of his intellectual work (and many simply cannot understand why they need it). He will feel involved in the mysterious world of the science of arithmetic and their elder sisters - algebra, astronomy and geography.

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