How To Adapt A First Grader To School

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How To Adapt A First Grader To School
How To Adapt A First Grader To School

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Parents of a first grader are often preoccupied with the question of the upcoming holiday. They worry about the child, about his future relationships with classmates, with teachers. They are interested in the question: how the baby will survive this new, not yet understood, stage of his life.

How to adapt a first grader to school
How to adapt a first grader to school

Interesting awakening

To make the child's awakening in the morning more pleasant, you can intrigue him with something interesting in the evening. For example, mom or dad might offer to play something when the toddler wakes up, or continue reading a book that the parent didn't finish reading the night before. Then the child will have a positive attitude for the whole day, his mood will improve and his self-esteem will rise.

Children are very fond of various fairy tales, stories and stories. Therefore, you can try to play with your baby a game aimed at developing memory. For example, every day you can talk about events and holidays that took place or were celebrated on that day. And then ask the child what he remembered and what he can repeat.

If everything matches, and the child remembers what he heard, then you can encourage him. Then the baby's self-esteem will rise and his mood will improve.

Who is a good student?

It is very difficult for every first grader to sit in one place, and even for such a long time. As a rule, already in the middle of the lesson, the child begins to fidget and wonder how much is left to the end. In this case, you can play with him a game called "Diligent Schoolboy".

It is the hero of this game that all schoolchildren should be like: do not talk during the lesson, do all the tasks, do not waste time watching out the window.

The main thing is that children after such a game do not get tired even more. For this, everything must be at the level of fantasy. Parents and teachers should agree among themselves about the conduct of this event. The teacher acts as a judge.

At the end of the lesson, a winner is selected, who must be rewarded, and it is better if everyone receives a symbolic award. With the help of such a competition, children develop attentiveness, patience, and confidence in success.

Doing homework with pleasure

After school, the child needs to rest, do not immediately start lessons. When he rested, then parents can invite the student to do homework in a playful way. For example, you need to learn a poem. This task can be associated with a ball. Let the parents throw the ball to the kid, and he catches and names one line from the poem.

If you need to write symbols in the form of letters and numbers, then you can play associations. The child will look at the symbols and imagine who or what they look like. Thus, the baby's memory will be strengthened, imagination will develop, and he will remember everything faster.

You can think of many such games for completely different situations. They will be beneficial and have a positive effect on the child.

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