Is The Second Child Always Calmer Than The First

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Is The Second Child Always Calmer Than The First
Is The Second Child Always Calmer Than The First

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Before the birth of the second child, parents would like to know if he will be similar to the first in temperament and character. Whether the youngest toddler becomes calmer depends on many factors.

Is the second child always calmer than the first
Is the second child always calmer than the first

Parents' experience makes the child calmer

The calmness of a child largely depends on the atmosphere around him. With the first baby, any action raises questions and concerns of parents. And this concern is invariably transmitted to the baby. When the second child is born, the mother already has experience in caring for children and usually reacts much more restrainedly to colic, crying from teething and toddler's leprosy. After all, a woman understands that these are temporary problems, and they will soon pass, and all that is required of her is to show more love and patience. Parents know how to cope with illness, what and when to feed their baby. This confidence and calmness is passed on to the baby. Therefore, many parents note that in the first months of life, second children sleep better and cry less.

Mothers and fathers of second children already know how to care for babies and understand what can cause physical discomfort in a baby. Therefore, the baby is changed diapers on time, the first signs of hunger are recognized and skillfully put to bed when the baby shows that he is tired. Thanks to this, the second baby has much less reason to cry and cry.

Health and development matters

The emotional state of the child is primarily influenced by his health. If a baby has any neurological problems or something hurts, it doesn't matter how he was born. He will be restless until his parents and doctors help him cope with his illness.

The second children usually acquire motor skills faster: they begin to sit up, crawl and walk earlier - because they see the example of an older brother or sister before them every day. Therefore, the second child is often more active than the first.

The calmness of the younger child depends on the behavior of the older one

If the difference between the children is small, and the mother is alone with them all day, both children may lack attention and will be attracted to themselves by screams and whims. The baby can only cry for mom. The jealousy of an older child can also manifest itself through screaming and whims. This noisy environment affects the second child.

Temperament is built from birth

The calmness of the baby is also determined by his temperament. How and why it is formed is still not fully known. Many associate this with the peculiarities of the course of pregnancy, the psychological situation in the family or horoscopic factors. Most likely, all of the above matters.

Most parents note that a child's temperament is visible literally from the first days of his life. From this we can conclude that the basis of the baby's calmness lies in his character and does not depend on whether he was born first or second.

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