How To Sterilize Breast Milk

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How To Sterilize Breast Milk
How To Sterilize Breast Milk
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Milk sterilization is a method of heat treatment, during which pathogenic microbes and bacteria die. Due to the fact that under the influence of high temperature not only harmful, but also many useful substances are destroyed, breast milk should be sterilized only if there are special indications, after consulting with doctors.

How to sterilize breast milk
How to sterilize breast milk

It is necessary

  • - breast milk;
  • - glass containers;
  • - an enameled pan;
  • - towel.


Step 1

Consult your doctor for advice on whether to sterilize your breast milk (your doctor will determine if this is necessary as a temporary option) or to use expressed donor breast milk (if the mother does not have enough or does not have breast milk). The expressed donor milk is sterilized. Sterilization of breast milk is an extreme measure, since this procedure destroys useful substances: vitamins, trace elements, prebiotics, enzymes, immunoglobulins. All these useful substances are necessary for the child to form immunity.

Step 2

If it is necessary to sterilize milk, treat the container for sterilized milk (it is better if it is a glass container, but special plastic bottles for babies are also possible).

Step 3

Distribute the expressed breast milk into bottles that you will use to feed your baby.

Step 4

Pour enough water into an enamelled saucepan so that the bottle of milk sits comfortably in the saucepan and does not float.

Step 5

Put a bottle of milk in a saucepan, turn on the gas burner.

Step 6

As soon as boiling starts, turn off the gas.

Step 7

Keep breast milk bottles in boiling water for five to eight minutes.

Step 8

Switch off the gas burner.

Step 9

Using a towel, carefully remove the bottle of sterilized breast milk from the enamel saucepan.

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