How To Paint A Mask On Your Face

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How To Paint A Mask On Your Face
How To Paint A Mask On Your Face

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Adults, like children, have such a mood that they want to play a little. Face painting will help create the illusion of reincarnation. This is a bright and exciting adventure that will impress neither children nor adults. Face painting literally translates to face painting. It will only take an experienced face makeup artist a few minutes to see the drawings on the face in bright sunny colors. The services of a professional artist will cost you about 2,500 rubles per hour. But you can try to create patterns on the face with your hand of unusual beauty.

How to paint a mask on your face
How to paint a mask on your face

It is necessary

Foundation, yellow and blue face painting, glitter, glitter glue or hair gel, face sponge, cosmetic brushes of different thicknesses


Step 1

If you are making up for an adult, start by applying a foundation, which the model usually uses, to hide blemishes. Make up on top. Using a medium brush, paint yellow curls on the forehead, above the eyebrows and on the eyelids, going slightly over the temples.

Step 2

Draw yellow curls between the eyebrows, conventionally, this will be the head of a butterfly. Draw the same curls on the bridge of the nose (the body of the butterfly). Also in yellow, using a thick brush, paint some curls on the cheeks (butterfly wings).

Step 3

Wait for the yellow lines to dry and highlight them in blue. With a thin brush, draw blue lines next to the yellow curls. To prevent your eyes from getting lost against the background of bright curls, emphasize them with eyeliner of a suitable color.

Step 4

The mask will turn out to be more festive if you decorate it with sparkles. On the central part of the face, next to the eyes and the bridge of the nose, put small sparkles. Apply such glitter without special glue. If you apply them with a damp brush, they will form a thicker layer and will not peel off the mask as much. Apply large sequins in dots around the edges of the mask. They are placed on a special glue or hair gel.

Step 5

The finishing touch is to touch up the lips and eyelashes for a bold look. You can use blue colored mascara. False eyelashes look especially creative in this makeup.

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