Where To Go On A Child's Birthday

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Where To Go On A Child's Birthday
Where To Go On A Child's Birthday
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A child's birthday is always an event. I would like to celebrate it in such a way as to please both the birthday man, and his friends, and ourselves. A traditional feast with games and contests is not the only way to spend this wonderful day in an interesting and useful way. And it is not at all necessary to celebrate children's birthday at home.

The children's cafe will offer you a suitable menu
The children's cafe will offer you a suitable menu

It is necessary

  • - phonebook;
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - a list of children's cafes in your area;
  • - repertoires of theaters and cinemas;
  • - backpack and picnic products;
  • - money for tickets to a theater, concert hall or museum.


Step 1

You can invite your guests to the cafe. Find out in advance what children's cafes are in your area, what dishes are served there, whether they cooperate with companies that organize children's parties. If the cafe provides a similar service, discuss with the organizer why you are gathering guests, how old the birthday person is. Agree on the decoration of the hall and gifts. As a rule, the order is discussed and paid in advance, and the day before it can be confirmed that everything remains in effect. Send invitation cards to the guests, indicating the time and address.

Step 2

If your child's birthday is in the summer, you can celebrate it in the country or outdoors. It's even better than a city apartment. You can organize many outdoor games, arrange a quest with the search for a gift, all kinds of contests and even launch a festive fireworks display - in a word, go on a real journey.

Step 3

A school-age child and his friends can be taken to an old manor house or some mysterious park, if there is one nearby. It is better to draw up a program in advance. It can include a guided tour of mysterious places, role play, and a picnic.

Step 4

You can even celebrate a children's birthday outdoors in winter, especially if your birthday boy is fond of some winter sport like skiing or orienteering. Only in this case it is necessary to go on reconnaissance in advance, choose a suitable clearing, which is easy to reach, and take care of the fire. Of course, in this case, the program will consist mainly of outdoor games and competitions. Warn guests to wear light but warm clothing. As for the menu, at the winter picnic itself, prepare meat and tea, and then invite everyone home, where dessert awaits them.

Step 5

For a child who is seriously interested in music or theater, the best gift would be a joint trip to a good concert or performance. Buy tickets for all guests, notify them where you are going, agree that everyone will come to your house for a festive dinner first, and then go to the theater. However, a festive dinner can be arranged after the performance.

Step 6

Nothing prevents you from spending your birthday in a museum if your child is interested in painting, history or arts and crafts. And in this case, warn the guests in advance. Take care of your tickets. You can treat your child's friends both before and after the excursion.

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