How To Open A Children's Entertainment Center

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How To Open A Children's Entertainment Center
How To Open A Children's Entertainment Center

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Nowadays, many are engaged in a business that requires specialized knowledge, has problems with accounts receivable and payable, problems with suppliers. Would you like to be in a business that does not have all this? There is only a pleasant duty - to withdraw the cash register. And there is such a business - a children's play complex!

How to open a children's entertainment center
How to open a children's entertainment center

It is necessary

initial capital, premises, personnel, equipment


Step 1

If you decide to start this business, first you need to register a company and choose an accounting system. It is best to choose an individual entrepreneur when registering. Registration does not take much time, you can contact a specialized company. When choosing a tax accounting scheme, you should pay attention to the simplified taxation system. The essence of paying taxes under a simplified system is that a single tax replaces the payment of a number of taxes and is 6% of the company's income.

Step 2

The most important point on the way to starting your own business is the choice of premises. The best location for a children's play complex would be a place with high traffic of children. Experience has shown that parents who have no one to leave their children with take them with them to shopping centers. Children are bored and hard to endure shopping with their parents, it is much more pleasant to frolic in the play complex with their peers. A shopping center is a good option, but not the only one. In small towns or in residential areas, as a rule, the infrastructure is not as developed as in the center, there is almost no entertainment for children. The children's play complex in such a place will be the center of children's recreation and entertainment.

Step 3

After choosing the premises, you must conclude a lease agreement. As a rule, the owners of a shopping center are interested in having a children's entertainment complex, and therefore they meet with entrepreneurs, making discounts on rent. There are other ways to negotiate with the owner of the premises. For example, you can offer him a portion of the income from your business. You will have to share - this is a minus, but it will also help to attract buyers, conduct promotions, advertise and promote your services in every possible way.

Step 4

It is worth getting to grips with staff recruitment. It is not difficult to find workers for this area of ​​business: students and retirees willingly agree to such a part-time job. But nevertheless, it is worth giving preference to pretty girls with a pleasant voice - children are more disposed towards them. As a male, some children may get scared. You will need two shift workers. The salary of employees may vary depending on your city, but, as a rule, they put the salary plus interest on the proceeds to stimulate employees to attract customers. You may also need an accountant.

Step 5

The largest and most important investment is the purchase of gaming equipment. Also, it will not be superfluous to install a video surveillance system in order to monitor the general situation and control employees at the checkout. There are two formats of children's entertainment - a soft playroom and an entertainment complex. A soft room will cost you less: 150-200 thousand, but the profit from it will be less than from a large gaming complex for a million rubles. For a soft room and the area you need is not as large as for the complex. And the age categories of these two entertainments are different: children from 3 to 6 years old play in the soft room, while in the play complex - from 4 to 14 years old.

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