What Games Do Children Play

What Games Do Children Play
What Games Do Children Play
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A child starts his life from scratch and very often learns the world through a fairy tale and a wide variety of games. The days when fabulous monsters lived in a dark closet or under a bed are irrevocably gone. Now children's minds are completely occupied by numerous computer games, which sometimes have a truly hypnotic effect and lure children into their arms for a long time. What games do children prefer to play today?

What games do children play
What games do children play

The computer opens up a real game universe for the child, offering wonders for every taste. With each new game, a small person gets a completely new exciting reality, which does not fit at all with everyday reality. The inquisitive mind of a child absorbs new impressions like a sponge, and his brain requires more and more colorful spectacles and exciting plots that unfold on the monitor of a personal computer.

Each time a child defeats a powerful rival in these fictional worlds, the child feels dexterous, strong and smart. And this score, backed up by a real and visible result in the form of points scored or a transition to a higher game level, is stronger than the mark obtained after cramming boring math homework.

The modern computer game industry offers many game genres. Adventure games are very popular among children of all ages, where the hero has a journey full of difficult situations and full of tasks of different difficulty.

Various kinds of "shooters" are no less popular. In these action movies, the game character can show physical strength and skill in using weapons. Unfortunately, such games, like the bloody action films that have filled TV screens, often inculcate a cult of strength and cruelty and completely fail to meet the need to educate the younger generation in a true spirit of justice and respect for human life.

But it's not just bloody battles that attract today's youth. Very often, a child can acquire useful skills and knowledge during the game. All kinds of game simulators, which simulate car races and the actions of a pilot of an aircraft, can instill an interest in technology and become a kind of stepping stone to the choice of a future profession or serious sports hobby.

Parents should always remember that not all play can be beneficial to their child. Pay attention to how long your son or daughter is in front of the computer screen and what they are playing. Be sure to control game genres, excluding plots in which there is violence and unnecessary brutality.

Monsters with an indescribable frightening appearance, now and then appearing in the games of your children, should immediately alert you and force you to take immediate prohibitive measures. Otherwise, over time, you will face increased irritability, overexcitation and even insomnia in your children. It is best if occasional games on the computer are interspersed with active forms of recreation at home and on the street.

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