20 Games With Your Baby At Home

20 Games With Your Baby At Home
20 Games With Your Baby At Home

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Your child becomes more and more active, strives for knowledge of the world around him. And in this regard, you have absolutely nothing to do. The crumb constantly requires attention, and meanwhile a saucepan is boiling on your stove, and the washing machine needs to be started. The best way to help your child learn new things and free up some time for themselves is through play.

Keeping your kid busy
Keeping your kid busy

There are games that are very convenient to organize at home.

1. Magnets. Children love to glue magnets to refrigerators and other attractive metallic surfaces. These can be the most common magnets from your trips or special toy magnets. Magnetic traffic signs for boys, figures of animals or princesses for girls - any colorful pictures will attract the attention of little dreamers. Help your baby to lay out a house out of them or arrange in rows. The child will develop fine motor skills, which is very good for the brain to improve coordination of movements. And it will also lay the foundation for a vision of beauty, design ability.

2. Stickers. Letters-stickers, kittens-stickers, cars-stickers - together they can be applied on surfaces. Such an exciting activity will be very useful for the development of fine motor skills.

3. Modeling. Modeling from plasticine, kinetic sand is an entertaining and useful leisure. A house, a car, a cat or a flower, blinded together with you, will become a real bridge of love and friendship between you and your child. Lesson brings together, and the little one learns something new, learns to create.

4. Drawing. Watercolors, special finger paints, pencils, simple and wax, crayons - there are many options for creativity, and all of them are inexpensive. And they bring a lot of benefits and joy. Draw a house, a sun, a flower for your kid. Let him draw with you, color the pictures. Circle the baby's palm - this will cause him a storm of delight. And a wonderful picture with prints of a child's palm will appear in the house. This game will lay the foundation for the development of the child's aesthetic and artistic taste. He will learn to hold a brush, pencil and better coordinate his movements.

5. Constructor. Use a plastic construction kit to build a railway tunnel, a doll house, a garage for cars. Let your little architect show your building skills. There are other fascinating types of constructor, for example, Velcro. By attaching Velcro to each other, you can collect a variety of figures.

6. Ball. Leave the ball to each other, teach the young athlete to kick alternately with his legs. You can arrange cups, buckets and try to hit them with a ball from a distance. This outdoor game will undoubtedly please the kid and will become a good physical education for him, developing muscles and mobility.

7. Theater. One of the options is shadow theater. Show your hands a dog, a bird in a soundtrack, encourage the child to see the relationship between the movement of the hands and the flight of this very bird. Another option is a puppet theater. Pick up toys and play out a fairy tale. Involve the child in the process: ask to help the character do something good, help another hero, or save someone in trouble. Teach your baby to sympathize, pity, stand up to protect the weak.

8. Cards. Use cards with wild and domestic animals. Ask your toddler to show you how they talk. Take cards with the realities of nature, household items. Help your child learn something new, remember the names of new things, expand his horizons.

9. Inserts, pyramids, puzzles. Put together a picture from the puzzles with the child. When playing with the pyramids, introduce the baby to the flowers, pay attention to the shape of the rings and how they get smaller. These puzzle games are very good for developing logic.

10. Role-playing games. Let your kid try himself in some role.Invite the girl to take care of her little sister. Comb her hair, give her a bottle to drink. Create a city of cars with a boy from scrap materials - garages, gas stations, workshops, car washes from boxes. Teach him not only to play with cars, but to take care of them - to clean, repair.

11. Books. In the modern world, someone may underestimate their role. But the book is an excellent assistant for you in shaping the qualities of a child, his moral values. Thanks to the plots of common folk tales and nursery rhymes, you can show your kid how bad it is to envy, humiliate, offend and how good it is to help, love, and be strong. The very atmosphere where you hug your baby while reading a book will become a very strong thread that holds you together and will lay down good family traditions of spending time together.

12. Hide and seek and catch-up. Two favorite games for kids. You can hide behind curtains, a sofa, in the shower room. It doesn't matter how big or small the area is for the game. The kid will be happy in any case.

13. Lacing. These are toys of various sizes and shapes, where you need to tie or untie a lace. Completing such a task will make your child dexterous and quick-witted. If there are no toys with lacing, it doesn’t matter. Tie the braid on the handle of the nightstand, cabinet, where your baby will be interested to climb. And it won't be long before he will definitely take care of this knot.

14. Come on, let's get treatment! Being a little doctor is good for both the boy and the girl. This teaches compassion, the understanding that someone else can also have a "wa-va" and he can also be hurt. Measure the temperature of the doll, dad, grandmother together. Bandage the wound.

15. Musical toys. Children of this age like “sounding” toys - knocking on a xylophone with a hammer, pressing piano keys, shaking a tambourine, cymbals, maracas. This will lay the foundations for the formation of the musical abilities of the baby, his sense of rhythm.

16. Airplane. The paper plane is very easy to make. All you need is one sheet of paper. The little one will begin with great joy to chase an airplane and deliver it to your "airport". Any outdoor game will be a good factor for a child's physical development.

17. New item. The game of the "new object" will really please the little one who knows the world. There is still a lot your little one doesn't know. His horizons are limited to certain rooms and closets. Push those boundaries. Bring him something new. The boy can be shown a real fishing rod, having previously removed the wounding parts from it. Let him consider it, feel like an adult fisherman. Show the girl clean makeup brushes, cotton pads, carpet brush.

18. Pet. We teach you how to take care of your pet, and it is not necessary for one to live in your home. If you don't have a pet, take soft toys or be a dog or a cat yourself. This game is sure to please the little one. Let him feed his pet, pet, pity him. The lesson will teach the child responsibility, care for others.

19. Charging. Joint gymnastics is a very rewarding and exciting activity. Soon, as you start doing the exercises, the baby will begin to repeat after you. Get your child involved in the process. Let it be your "dumbbell" or "trainer" for pumping muscles. Benefit for both you and the child. The main thing is to be neat and careful when handling your baby.

20. Dancing. Play a light, fun melody and dance together. Take the baby by the hands and spin around. The kid himself will feel the rhythm and begin to dance. There are plenty of activities for spending time with your child. Decide what your child likes. Work and business can distract your attention. Therefore, based on the preferences of your child, make a weekly plan of activities with your baby, so as not to forget to devote time to his development.

The plan can be as follows: Monday - plasticine, Tuesday - drawing, Wednesday - constructor, Thursday - cards, Friday - bowling, ball games, Saturday - musical toys, Sunday - a new book.

It is quite possible to combine many activities in one day. But due to your busyness, this "reminder" will become a good alarm clock at a time when there is a desire to give yourself some slack.

Spend time with your child, spare no effort, and this will allow him to grow up to be a healthy and comprehensively developed personality. Playing together will strengthen your relationship and bring you closer together. But at the same time, sometimes let the crumbs carry you away, then he will grow up to be a boring person who does not constantly demand to be entertained. And, as you can see, there are plenty of games for self-employment.

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