How To Refuse Vaccinations At The Hospital

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How To Refuse Vaccinations At The Hospital
How To Refuse Vaccinations At The Hospital

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Whether or not to vaccinate the baby in the hospital is up to the parents. Nobody, not even the medical staff, has the right to influence the mother if she decided to refuse vaccination. Therefore, in order to protect their child from unnecessary injections, each parent needs to know how to do it correctly.

How to refuse vaccinations at the hospital
How to refuse vaccinations at the hospital


Step 1

If the expectant mother is opposed to any vaccinations in the hospital, she has every right to refuse them in accordance with Law No. 157-FZ of 17.09.1998 "On immunization of infectious diseases", which clearly states that everyone has the right to refuse vaccinations (Article 5), and vaccinations for minors are carried out only with parental consent (Article 11).

Step 2

Collecting the necessary documents in the hospital, draw up a written statement about the refusal of vaccinations if you think that your child does not need them. The application is written in the name of the head physician of the medical institution in which you will give birth. It must be in duplicate. Attach the original to your card, which will remain with the medical staff upon your admission to the hospital. Keep a copy for yourself. It will not be superfluous if the child's father signs the application.

Step 3

Often, the hospital staff does not even ask the mother's consent to vaccinate the baby. This is a direct violation of the law, so you need to discuss this issue with your doctor in advance. Make it clear to him that you are giving up any procedures. The doctor should record your decision and make sure that nothing is injected with the child.

Step 4

Sometimes a woman in labor right in the hospital may be offered to sign a waiver sheet if she still does not want to vaccinate the baby. In this case, you need to carefully read the document and clarify which vaccinations you refuse and which you agree to. If in the text of the submitted application only individual vaccines are indicated, and not the whole complex, ask to supplement the list.

Step 5

Despite the fact that, at the request of the mother, the baby will not be vaccinated against hepatitis B, doctors may threaten the woman not to prescribe them with the baby without the BCG vaccine. You need to know that they have no right to do this. The mother has the right to refuse any procedures, and the law will be on her side. In this case, the medical staff will not be responsible for the health of the unvaccinated child.

Step 6

For women giving birth in paid maternity hospitals, it is best to immediately include in the contract a clause stating that after giving birth, her child will not receive any vaccinations.

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