What Are The Rare Names For Girls

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What Are The Rare Names For Girls
What Are The Rare Names For Girls

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From time to time there is a fashion to give children rare unusual names. Of course, you can understand parents who want their child's name to stand out from the surrounding monotony. After all, quite often 3-4 Natasha, Tanya, Marina, and recently - Nastya or Ksyusha study in the same class. However, before taking this step, parents should consider the future of their child. After all, if the name is too exotic or old-fashioned, the girl may be ridiculed by her classmates. In addition, there are many not only rare, but also beautiful names.

There are names as beautiful as flowers
There are names as beautiful as flowers

From ancient mythology came such names as Aurora - morning dawn, Ariadne - beloved, faithful, Venus - love, Victoria - victory, Diana - divine, Maya - spring, Nika - victory, Olympia - divine, Olympic, Selena - the moon. The most famous biblical name is Eve (living).

Name and character

There is an opinion that the name can affect the character of a person. Many female names contain rather capacious characteristics (however, it is not known whether they will correspond to their carriers). For example, Agnes is blameless, chaste, Agnia is fiery, Adele (Adeline) is noble, Amalia is zealous, Angelina is angelic, Anita is stubborn, Wanda is brave, fearless, Vasilisa is regal, Veronica is victorious, Vladislava is a glorious mistress, Daria is the winner, Dina is faithful, Ilona is bright, Inessa is stormy, Kaleria is hot, ardent, alluring, Karina is looking forward, Clara is clear, bright, Lada is beloved, sweet, Lily is gentle, fragile, Milena is sweet, gentle, Nina is regal, Ruslana is a lioness, Sabrina is passionate, Sarah is domineering, Teresa is a protector.

Some names are designed to endow their owners with properties similar to the gifts of fairy fairies. Among them are Beatrice (happy), Bella (beauty), Berta (bright, light, gorgeous), Valeria (healthy), Glafira (slim, graceful), Gloria (happiness, fame), Isabella (beauty), Lime (happiness, luck).

There are names sparkling like jewels: Ada (decoration), Gemma (precious stone), Zara (gold), Zlata (golden), Margarita (pearl), Stella (star). And there are - similar to beautiful flowers: Violetta (violet), Iolanta (violet), Camellia (flowering rose bush), Rose (flower, rose), Rosalina (beautiful rose).

The names of literary heroines

Many rare names gained fame thanks to the heroines of literary works they named, although these names also have independent meanings. Asya (resurrected) is a lovely Turgenev girl, Juliet (curly, fluffy) is a well-known Shakespearean heroine, Olesya (forest) is the heroine of Kuprin's story, who really lived in a secluded forest hut, Roxanne (light) is a clean and beautiful heroine of Edmond Rostand's play.

When choosing a name for a girl, you should also pay attention that it is in harmony with the last name and patronymic.

Of course, parents are free to give their child an unusual name, but do not forget that it should only bring him positive emotions.

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