How To Choose Names For Twin Girls

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How To Choose Names For Twin Girls
How To Choose Names For Twin Girls

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When twin girls are born in a family, it is always a holiday. But young parents are often lost in search of names for one child, and even more so for two.

How to choose names for twin girls
How to choose names for twin girls

Original names for twin girls

So, twins girls were born in your family. Chances are, you've already come up with names for them or are choosing from a variety of options. Most likely, girls will spend most of their lives together, so choosing names should be taken with great responsibility: you should not go to extremes, but if you do not want to give your child a too simple, "ordinary" name, try different options.

Name variations

Can be considered as consonant names, for example: Alina and Arina, Alisa and Anfisa, Valentina and Alevtina, Akulina and Paulina, Angelica and Evredika, Albina and Darina, Alexandra and Kassandra, Ella and Emma, ​​Anastasia and Afanasia, Victoria and Valeria, Agata and Zlata, Maryana and Ulyana, Stefania and Melania, Lyudmila and Radmila, Veronika and Aurika. In addition, you can choose names that are not so close in sound, but seem to complement each other: Anita and Beata, Aurora and Venus, Angelina and Seraphima, Euphrosyne and Fevronia, Isabella and Isadora, Lydia and Diana, Melissa and Lilia, Varvara and Vasilisa, Roxana and Renata, Danae and Medea, Yana and Maya.

Things to consider when choosing names

It is desirable that the names be "equal", that is, approximately the same in length, as well as in the sound of the consonants pronounced in them, such as "p", "d", "t". After all, each letter of a person's name endows him with certain qualities. Agree, such a “hard” name as Rostislav will not quite harmoniously combine with the “soft” name Alla. In this case, the best choice may be a combination of Rostislav and Yaroslav or Alla and Bell. In turn, each name has its own unique origin: Greek, Slavic, Latin, Hebrew or Arabic. Take this question carefully, look at the interpreters of the names. It is highly desirable that the names of the twins are of the same origin, since the Arabic name Fatima does not quite fit, for example, such a Greek name as Agafya.

Energy charge of the name

Before choosing a name, be sure to read the notation. After all, the name is partly a set of qualities that you endow a person with for his entire life. And, of course, it is better for the name to carry a positive energy charge. With all the variety of choice of names, consider also the fact that girls' names should be combined with a surname and patronymic. Names ending in a vowel will be in harmony with the middle name. Of course, provided that the middle name begins with a consonant - and vice versa. For example: Marina and Irina Valerievna.

Unusual name and fate

Very often, parents pay excessive attention to the names of their children, which is why incidents occur: for example, a favorite heroine from the series (for example, Monica) is unlikely to be a good choice for a girl from a Russian family. And an old Slavic name, for example, Efrosinya, may turn out to be too pretentious for a child. In any case, when choosing names for two people at once, make inquiries about what names people in your circle, in your city, call their children. Remember that a person is given a name once, and his future life, even socialization, may seriously depend on it.

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