What If The Husband Is Against Pregnancy

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What If The Husband Is Against Pregnancy
What If The Husband Is Against Pregnancy

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It seems to newly minted couples that a real family will appear only after the appearance of the baby. But men are usually not ready to have kids right away. In this regard, conception has to be postponed for several years. This can be influenced by a variety of factors.

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Why is a man against a child

It is important not to forget that men by their nature are slightly different from women: they are more rational, pragmatic, and prudent. And, of course, these qualities are especially clearly visible in such a responsible issue as pregnancy. But women often come to the idea of ​​conceiving a child at the level of intuition, just one day they begin to understand that they need a baby. Men take time to think about their desires and feelings.

On the other hand, when planning a pregnancy in men, the emotional component can also be included. At the same time, they begin to fear the changes that will occur with his beloved, changes in the already established lifestyle of the family, shifts in intimate life and in relation to him.

In any situation, a spouse's unwillingness to have a child hides something more than just a refusal to take care of the baby. A man begins to understand that the appearance of a new family member will completely change his fast-paced life.

How to act if the husband does not want a child

A lot of men, thinking about having a baby, imagine a lot of diapers and sleepless nights. In this regard, fear appears. In order for the spouse to be able to overcome his own fears, the wife needs to calmly talk to him. When persuading your husband that the birth of a child is simply necessary, it is important to emphasize as often as possible that life can get better and he will be given the same attention as before. It is also recommended to communicate more often with families where there are already children. To do this, you can go for walks with the children of friends or relatives. So the husband will be able to see that it can also be fun together with the kids.

In no case should you resort to deception. Do not convince your spouse that pregnancy, hormonal disruption and many dirty diapers can be easily dealt with. You should not deceive and that, in spite of pregnancy, you will remain desirable and slender, just like before carrying a baby. This is the wrong tactic of behavior.

In that situation, if a man argued his unwillingness to conceive a baby by the fact that the family today does not have a satisfactory financial situation, a careful analysis of this information is needed. You should drop all your emotions, desires and ambitions. In a calm atmosphere, you will need to discuss existing family problems with your husband and try to find the most optimal ways to solve them.

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