How To Give Sub Simplex To Newborns

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How To Give Sub Simplex To Newborns
How To Give Sub Simplex To Newborns

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Almost every mother has encountered such a childhood problem as colic. Immaturity of the gastrointestinal tract, inappropriate nutrition of a nursing mother, improperly selected artificial mixture, familiarity with new products - all this can cause bloating, increased gas production, diarrhea in the baby and other problems that make him twist his legs and scream for hours on end. The drug "Sub Simplex" can come to help in eliminating the discomfort.

How to give
How to give

It is necessary

baby spoon, formula for feeding


Step 1

Before using "Sub Simplex", you should consult a pediatrician. An incorrectly selected dose of the drug can aggravate the problem associated with the baby's belly, or cause side effects.

Step 2

So, if the pediatrician has approved your choice to use Sub Simplex for colic, make sure that the child is really worried about the pain in the tummy. Perhaps his crying and whims are associated with a wet diaper, he is hot or cold, or he just needs your attention.

Step 3

If your baby is breastfed, then a few minutes before the next feeding of the baby, express a small amount of breast milk and add 10-15 drops of the drug "Sub Simplex" to it. Use a baby spoon or a special syringe to give the baby milk with the medicine diluted in it. After that, continue breastfeeding your baby.

Step 4

If the baby is artificially fed, then the same amount of "Sub Simplex" can be added to the fresh mixture prepared for feeding and feed her baby.

Step 5

Sub Simplex can be given to a child undiluted. The effectiveness of the drug in this case becomes higher. However, many children are reluctant to swallow it in this form, since they are not used to its taste.

Step 6

As a preventive measure, you can give the baby 5-7 drops of the medicine before some feedings, for example, in the morning and in the evening.

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