How To Increase The Immunity Of A Child At 2 Years Old

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How To Increase The Immunity Of A Child At 2 Years Old
How To Increase The Immunity Of A Child At 2 Years Old

Immunity is the body's self-defense system from the harmful effects of the environment, aimed at protecting against altered own cells and against the introduction of foreign materials: viruses, bacteria and parasites. The child's immunity is formed up to seven years. In the process of active knowledge of the world, the baby's body learns to resist external stimuli and prepares for adulthood. The causes of immunodeficiency in children can be: unhealthy diet, stress and chronic diseases of internal organs. There are many ways to strengthen your child's immune system using naturally occurring immune-boosting agents.

How to increase the immunity of a child at 2 years old
How to increase the immunity of a child at 2 years old


Step 1

Twice a year, solder your child with rosehip decoction, it is a good immunomodulatory agent. The recommended course is at least a month.

Step 2

Mash two hundred grams of sea buckthorn berries with two tablespoons of granulated sugar. Give the resulting gruel to the baby twice a day, one teaspoon.

Step 3

Take one glass each of seedless raisins, walnuts, and dried apricots. Grind everything finely. Add a glass of honey and the juice of half a lemon. Mix everything well. Give the child one teaspoonful of the resulting treat three times a day.

Step 4

Pour four tablespoons of echinacea herb with a liter of boiling water and leave to infuse for twelve hours. Add three tablespoons of honey to the strained broth. Give your child fifty milliliters of broth half an hour before meals, three times a day.

Step 5

Prepare a vitamin drink from spruce needles. Pour a glass of pine needles with two liters of boiling water and let it brew for several hours. Give your baby a drink every day for half a glass at any time of the day.

Step 6

Pass a kilogram of cranberries through a meat grinder, add a glass of walnut kernels, two or three apples, grated on a fine grater, a glass of water and one kilogram of sugar. Simmer until it boils. Give your child one teaspoon each morning and one evening.

Step 7

Boil one onion in a little water. Mash the onion with one tablespoon of honey. The child should receive such a mixture three times a day before meals, one teaspoonful.

Step 8

Solder your child with a decoction of oats. Pour half a glass of washed grains with two liters of water overnight. In the morning, boil the broth for two hours over low heat. Give a decoction to the baby on an empty stomach, one tablespoon three times a day.

Step 9

In the nutrition of a child, you must adhere to simple rules: variety, regularity, moderation and safety. The baby's body must be constantly replenished with vitamins, selenium, zinc and iron.

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