How To Massage The Feet Of A Child

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How To Massage The Feet Of A Child
How To Massage The Feet Of A Child
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Massage is very important for the baby. By stroking his body, you not only develop his muscles, but also make it clear that you are near. The more often parents touch a small child, the faster and more successful his development is. So if for some reason you cannot regularly do a full massage, massage at least the arms or legs of the baby.

How to massage the feet of a child
How to massage the feet of a child

It is necessary

  • - changing table;
  • - sheet;
  • - light clothing for the baby.


Step 1

Start systematic massage sessions when your baby is one and a half to two months old. You, of course, have touched and stroked him before, so you already have some experience. Make sure the conditions are appropriate. The room should be clean, warm and well ventilated. Better fifteen minutes before the session to take the child to another room, arrange through ventilation and allow the air to warm up to the prescribed 22 ° C.

Step 2

Air baths are useful for a kid, so why not combine them with a massage session? Especially if it's summer outside. In the cold season, it is better to cover the child's body with something light, leaving only those areas that you are massaging at the moment naked. If it's the turn to massage your legs, put on a thin undershirt on your baby.

Step 3

Place your baby on the back on the changing table. Start with the massage, for example, on your right leg. Place it on your left palm. With your right hand, gently stroke the front and outside of the lower leg from the foot to the thigh. Likewise, from the bottom up, stroke his right thigh. Massage your child's left leg. Movements should be neat, slow and fluid, but confident. Repeat stroking 5-6 times.

Step 4

Stroking is the first technique used when massaging infants. The first few weeks are best for them. When the child gets used to the massage enough, you can begin to gradually introduce the rest of the techniques. For example, rubbing. Close your fingers as if you were clenching your hands into fists. Keep your wrists relaxed. Rub with medium phalanges. Circular movements, from bottom to top.

Step 5

Having accustomed the baby to rubbing, enter kneading. Massage the same parts of your legs as in the first two methods. Spiral movements, they are performed with the knuckles. Alternate rubbing and kneading with strokes. The sequence should be like this. Start the session with stroking, then rub the legs, again stroking, kneading. Finish the session with stroking again.

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