How Can You Look Into The Future

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How Can You Look Into The Future
How Can You Look Into The Future

Video: How Can You Look Into The Future

Video: How Can You Look Into The Future
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Since ancient times, man has been known as a curious creature. People wanted to look into their future, to find out what awaits them next. For this, people turned to fortune-tellers, magicians, sorcerers, magicians and other fortune-tellers of fate, and the most desperate of them decided to look into their future on their own through all kinds of fortune-telling.

Fortune telling is the most common way to look into the future
Fortune telling is the most common way to look into the future


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One of the simplest ways to look into your future is to draw lots. The modern drawing of lots involves fortune-telling on a coin - "heads" or "tails". Unfortunately, at present, this type of fortune-telling is more used in certain sports. For example, a few seconds before the start of a football match, the Chief Referee flips a coin to determine the location of the goal for both teams.

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Another easy way to get a glimpse into the future is to use a spinning object to guess. This method even has its own name - cyclomancy, or "wheel of fortune". This method of fortune telling was widely used at Russian fairs in the early 20th century, and was also the so-called "judicial circle" that determined the composition of the jury. At present, cyclomancy has practically lost the status of "soothsayer", having turned into an ordinary gambling roulette. By the way, it is she who is used in such popular television programs as “What? Where? When?" and "Field of Miracles".

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One of the most famous ways to look into the future is fortune telling on a flower: in Russia - on a chamomile, and throughout Europe - on a daisy. Since ancient times, people have assigned the status of love oracles to these flowers. This type of fortune telling gained its wide popularity in the Middle Ages - at the time of knights and beautiful ladies. People, eager to look into their future, plucked a chamomile or daisy, after which they began to tear off one petal after another from the flower, saying: "He loves - he does not love." If the last torn off petal correlated with the word "loves", then, according to legend, the fortuneteller had a wonderful love future. It is worth noting that this method of love fortune telling is still used today.

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Nowadays, people look into their future with the help of books, coffee grounds and, of course, fortune-telling cards. Bibliomancy (or fortune telling from a book) is a traditional and easy way to lift the veil of future events that await a person in the near future. To do this, you need to mentally focus on a specific issue, and then open any book and read any arbitrary paragraph. There is another way of fortune telling from a book: you need to guess in advance the page number and line numbers above or below, and then open the book in this place. And you can do even easier - open a book and poke your finger at random at the first line that comes across.

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Another ancient and at the same time modern way to look into the future is fortune telling on the coffee grounds. Researcher of Russian life I. P. At the end of the 19th century, Sakharov noted: “The population's confidence in this type of fortune telling is much higher than in cards. Therefore, Russian people are reluctant to start guessing on coffee, only the most desperate of them dare to take this step. The principle of this type of fortune telling is that the coffee grounds are placed in a tea cup, covering it with a tea saucer. After that, the cup is tilted up so that the thick sticks to its walls. Then the saucer is removed, and divination begins by the shadows and signs reflected on the coffee grounds. To interpret them correctly, you need to know coffee images and signs.

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Perhaps the most famous and common way to see your future is fortune telling by cards (for example, tarot). To do this, you can ask the fortuneteller to tell fortunes on the cards, or you can learn how to do it yourself. The main thing is to understand that for real card fortune-telling, it is not enough to remember the meaning of the cards themselves. You must have logical thinking and intuition. Fortune-telling by cards must be taken seriously, do not guess too often and do not ask the cards for the same thing. You cannot listen to the predictions of third parties and independently try to "compare" the results on the cards. Otherwise, you can get confused and "miscalculate" your fate.

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There are many ways to look into your future. But whatever they are, do not take fortune-telling as a sentence! And palmistry, and maps, and weather signs, and many other fortune-telling only mark the "fate" of a person with a dotted line, and only the person himself can decide whether to follow the given advice and warnings.