How To Talk About Cheating

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How To Talk About Cheating
How To Talk About Cheating

Video: How To Talk About Cheating

Video: How To Talk About Cheating
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Cheating on a loved one is one of the three most common reasons for suicide. So, if you decide to confess to infidelity, you need to be very competent and delicate in approaching this issue.

Cheating must be spoken of carefully
Cheating must be spoken of carefully


Step 1

Prepare heart medications. Information about infidelity shocks a partner so much that he may feel sick when he hears this news. Prepare in advance to have water and medication within easy reach.

Step 2

Talk about cheating in private with your partner. This information is a huge stress for a person. Many people experience a feeling of deep humiliation upon learning of the fact of betrayal. There is no need to amplify this bitter feeling at the expense of publicity.

Step 3

Offer to discuss the reasons for what happened. Cheating psychologists call a point in a problematic relationship. In fact, going to the left is the final chord in a long-maturing emotional conflict in the family. If you've tried to ignore the problems that have led to cheating as a result, now is the time to discuss them. Your partner should have a chance to recognize your mistakes and yours in order to avoid them in the future.

Step 4

Be prepared to end the relationship. Cheating is considered the point of no return in a relationship. After the fact of betrayal becomes known to the partner, many relationships end. And if they persist, then their quality becomes completely different. You must be prepared in advance for the consequences of your decision to report infidelity.

Step 5

Don't hurt your partner with your confession. Try to convey information as delicately as possible. Make it clear to your once loved one that you cheated not because he was bad, but for your own special reasons. It is believed that in a problem relationship, a weaker partner is resolved for treason. So be honest and admit that instead of resolving conflicts, you chose to run away from them into a new relationship.

Step 6

Tell us about the painful one. There are other situations: your partner has humiliated or offended you for a long time, ignored or did not value you highly. Tell him about it. He should get a chance to improve if he wants to.