How To Get Pregnant Using Feng Shui

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How To Get Pregnant Using Feng Shui
How To Get Pregnant Using Feng Shui

Video: How To Get Pregnant Using Feng Shui

Video: How To Get Pregnant Using Feng Shui
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Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese teaching based on the influence of surrounding objects and energies on a person. Applying the rules of feng shui, you can achieve the desired result in any area of life, including childbirth

How to get pregnant using Feng Shui
How to get pregnant using Feng Shui


Step 1

If you have turned to feng shui in your attempts to get pregnant, conception probably has not occurred for quite a long time. If you and your partner are both healthy, it may be because of the negative feng shui in your home. The first thing to do is to carry out a general cleaning of the home. It is necessary to disassemble the rubble, throw out the broken and simply unnecessary things, wipe the dust everywhere. So you will symbolically make room in your life for everything new. If your home needs renovation, it's time to do it, so you will attract fresh energy into the house.

Step 2

In order to get pregnant in feng shui, you need to remember about 8 sectors, into which any dwelling is divided with the help of a compass in accordance with the cardinal points. To correctly determine the directions, you need to stand with a compass in the center of the apartment and from here divide the premises into sectors. For children, according to feng shui, the western sector is responsible, and it should be given special importance.

Step 3

Having found the western sector, you can proceed to its activation. For a start, it's worth putting in perfect order there, removing all unnecessary things. The preferred color for this sector is white, consider this if you are planning a renovation. In order to attract active Yang energy, the western sector must always be bright, so take care of lighting. Candle sectors are well activated, but only if they are often lit.

Step 4

You can also attract energy to the desired sector with the help of sounds. Bells popular in China - wind chimes - are best suited for this. Swaying from each draft, the bells will emit a pleasant ringing, harmonizing the energy of the space.

Step 5

Feng Shui babies are fruits, so fruit trees can be used to activate the childbearing zone. For example, it would be very good to put a pomegranate or tangerine tree in the western sector. If there are no living conditions for such plants there, paintings depicting fruit-bearing trees or still lifes with ripe beautiful fruits are quite suitable.

Step 6

In order to get pregnant in feng shui, in the western sector, you can post photos of happy pregnant women, newborn babies and everything that you associate with motherhood. It is good to put here figurines of animals with cubs. If you have already purchased some toys or children's things for the unborn baby, they should also be placed here.