How To Train Your Child To Sleep On Their Own

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How To Train Your Child To Sleep On Their Own
How To Train Your Child To Sleep On Their Own

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The first two years of life, the child is very closely connected with the mother. She is the center of the universe for him. Not surprisingly, some babies have a hard time weaning from breastfeeding or sleeping with their mom. How can you help your baby overcome these challenges? How to make a child more independent and at the same time not create a stressful situation for him?

How to train your child to sleep on their own
How to train your child to sleep on their own


  • - the child's favorite fairy tale;
  • - toys;
  • - a walk before bedtime;


Step 1

Talk to your child about it the first time before putting your child to bed separately. Explain to him that he is old enough to sleep without his mom. Prepare it. If you, without explaining anything, forbid the child to sleep next to you - this can injure your baby.

Step 2

Take your child for a walk in the evening. During the day, as a rule, he gets tired of games; an evening walk will contribute to relaxation. You should not take a ball, bicycle, scooter, etc. with you, outdoor games can stimulate the nervous system. If the child refuses to go without toys, take a set for playing in the sandbox. Better just take a walk. If you have a dog, take a walk with it.

Step 3

Tidy up the room together. Ask your kid to arrange the toys scattered throughout the day on the shelves, collect cubes, cars, dolls. Unhurried, monotonous activity, combined with the fatigue accumulated during the day, should calm the child, preparing him for sleep. Cleaning can be a kind of signal - it's time to go to bed. If you clean the room every evening, the child will sooner or later remember that after that he must go to bed. And he will stop being capricious every time.

Step 4

Take your child to less active games in the late afternoon. Better if it is entertainment that is already familiar to him. Reading your favorite fairy tale before bed is very good. A favorite fairy tale story will calm the child. After reading, try leaving the baby alone in the room for a while, see how he behaves. If he cries, refuses to sleep, lie down with him for a while until he calms down.

Step 5

Buy your baby (or make it yourself) a crib that he will gladly climb into every evening. If you have a boy, you can decorate the crib for a ship. If a girl - sew beautiful curtains, decorate the headboard with beads, foil or fabric. Imagine. Sleep can also be a game.

Step 6

Observe the daily routine. Put your baby to bed at the same time. The body will tune itself in such a way that the child will fall asleep by itself at a certain time.

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