How To Deal With Boors

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How To Deal With Boors
How To Deal With Boors

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Rudeness can be encountered anywhere. In public transport, in the market and in the shop. And just on the street you can meet people who, due to a lack of education, do not know how to express their emotions differently. In order not to waste your nerves communicating with such subjects, you need to adhere to several rules.

How to deal with boors
How to deal with boors


Step 1

The best option is not to communicate with boors. If possible, ignore such people, let all their attacks on you remain unanswered. Pretend that you do not see them and do not hear the rudeness that they utter.

Step 2

If you cannot avoid communicating with the boor, behave in an unpredictable manner. Such people, as a rule, want to get a response - to throw you off balance, anger and provoke you to rude statements. They are waiting for you to start making excuses or explaining yourself. Don't give them this opportunity, smile broadly or compliment them. With this turn of events, the flow of negative emotions from the offender will dry up, he will be confused and silent.

Step 3

Never stand on the same level with someone who is trying to get nasty on you. Be always emphatically polite and correct. Communicate with such people strictly on "you", use formal wording, gestures and intonation. Do not allow statements about the personal qualities of such a person. It is not known how your meeting will end, your behavior must be impeccable. Do not use everyday threats to a person who is rude to you, if physical violence follows from him - not he, but you will be right.

Step 4

You can fight boors with a sense of humor. If you have been insulted about your appearance, respond with an even funnier phrase about your figure, the shape of your ears, or something else. Take the lead in the conversation and make it clear to the person that your sense of humor is more developed. You can use phrases that will lead an ill-mannered person to a standstill: "Your manners are worthy of admiration," "I bow before your wisdom," "Your courtesy delights me." Such words will silence him, he not only does not know how to use them, but most likely - he has not even heard such expressions.

Step 5

If it happened that you were offended, and you could not prevent it - in no case do not worry about it. Sometimes it happens that someone's rude statement about you can ruin the mood for the whole day. Tell yourself in your mind that the incident is not worth your attention. Or re-imagine the situation and put the abuser in a funny and awkward position in your mind. Your mood should improve, and the resentment and irritation should disappear.

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