How To Love A Step Mother

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How To Love A Step Mother
How To Love A Step Mother

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Relationships between parents and children sometimes develop quite intensely. This is especially true of those families in which the mother is not native. Children treat her coldly, and sometimes even feel a sense of hatred.

How to love a step mother
How to love a step mother


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If you understand that you dislike and dislike your adoptive mother, you must first understand why this is happening. Surely there is an explanation for this feeling. If you are not satisfied with this woman's behavior, try to explain to her what exactly does not suit you. Say that you will not tolerate such treatment and attitude towards yourself and ask her to change. Let your foster parent know that you are ready to accept and even love her if you notice that she has reciprocal feelings for you.

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If the reason for the lack of your love lies only in the fact that this woman did not give birth to you, you only need to work on yourself, since she will not be able to help you with anything. Pay attention to what this person does for you, how she takes care of you and your loved ones. Understand that some children grow up without a mother at all and do not know what mothering is. You have all this, but you continue to harbor hatred for the woman who accepted you as her own child. Try to convince yourself that she deserves to be treated better.

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To get closer to your foster mother, try spending more time with her. Go for a walk together, go shopping. Stay exactly together. No one should bother you to communicate. Only frank, heart-to-heart conversations can make you understand what kind of person is in front of you. Perhaps during a joint vacation, you can discover new qualities of a foster parent, understand her feelings and experiences, and also talk about what you think yourself. If you managed to organize a walk with your mom, be relaxed and positive. Feel free to laugh, as laughter helps to defuse the situation and brings people closer to each other.

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If your adoptive mother took the place of your own mother after your parents divorced, do not be angry with her. Perhaps your mother herself initiated the dissolution of the marriage. Understand that people who do not have mutual feelings for each other simply cannot live together. They will fight constantly, and the family will end up falling apart anyway. If this woman was able to make your father happy, you should feel grateful to her. Yes, you won't be able to treat her lovingly at first, but first, stop hating her. Over time, your hatred can be replaced by rather warm feelings. You should not judge adults who have the right to build their own lives.

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