How To Ask Him About His Feelings

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How To Ask Him About His Feelings
How To Ask Him About His Feelings

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If a young man is silent about his feelings for you, then you should take the initiative into your own hands and, finally, clarify the situation. A brave girl asks straightforwardly, resourceful creates the most comfortable environment for explaining feelings, modest - prefers to trust fate, doing nothing.

How to ask him about his feelings
How to ask him about his feelings


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All methods are good for clarifying his feelings. If a young man is your destiny, then he will not be frightened by your initiative in a relationship. But you can also learn about his feelings by observing his reaction to your questions. For example, tell him a couple of stories about your girlfriends who were really looking forward to a declaration of love from their young people. If nothing like this happened in your immediate environment, then you should come up with these stories. The main thing is to tell your boyfriend these stories with inspiration, with emotions, with feeling. From his comments, you will understand what your friend thinks about this. If he, like you, rejoiced at a happy story, praising the hero of the story for an original declaration of love, then here you need to ask if he has met such a girl in his life. In this case, there are two possible answers. The first one - "met", then you should learn more about her, because it is quite possible that it is you, his fair half, but for now he is embarrassed to talk about it. And if the answer is - "did not meet", it means that he considers you as a friend.

Step 2

If you do not see from him activity in the development of relationships, but, at the same time, he will meet you with another young man. In the case when your chosen one is not indifferent to you, then he will have to take active steps to remove the opponent from his path, and as a result, he will admit his feelings to you first. If he disappears from your environment, therefore, he is not the hero of your novel.

Step 3

When you can't find a place for yourself and you want to find out his true intentions on your account, then call him and invite him to a meeting in a quiet place. You should talk so that no one gets in the way. Take a walk in the park and be the first to talk about your feelings for him. For shy ladies, a good way to open up is to tell a story about how you dreamed of a prince as a child, over the years his image has firmly settled in your head, and now it seems to you that this prince is nearby, walking with you in the park. Whatever he says in return, you will still win. After all, you have clarified the situation and now you can safely move forward - either arm in arm with him, or towards new novels!

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