How To Decide Who To Be With

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How To Decide Who To Be With
How To Decide Who To Be With

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Sometimes people meet with several members of the opposite sex at the same time, but in any case, then a moment will come when you have to opt for one or the other.

How to decide who to be with
How to decide who to be with

How does a guy decide who to be with?

If you are at a loss in the choice between two girls and cannot decide who you want to stay with, first decide what your future wife should be like. Decide on the qualities that should be present in it. Men want to see next to them an intelligent, well-mannered and economic lady who will be able to take care of her spouse and children all her life.

Begin benchmarking. Of course, one of your girls will turn out to be a little prettier than the other, but it is better to push this criterion aside, since with age, the appearance of the second half will fade into the background, but her character is unlikely to change. It is best to pay attention to the ability of your beloved to take care of you and support you in everything. She must keep the house clean and tidy, and she must have culinary skills.

First of all, the companion of your life should become for you not only a good wife and mistress, but also a faithful friend. Think about who you are more interested in spending time with, who brings more light and joy into your life. It is very important that your significant other treats your personal space with understanding, does not arrange scenes of jealousy over trifles and does not forbid you to spend time with your friends.

Pay attention to how your friend feels about cheating and betrayal. Remember, maybe before that you discussed the betrayal of your soulmate of one of your acquaintances, and your girlfriend expressed her opinion on this matter. Surely it is important for you that your beloved is faithful to you.

How a girl can decide who to be with

Girls dream of seeing strong, cheerful and reliable guys next to them. Comparing two young people, you should try to find out which of them will be able to provide you and your children, who will become you a solid shoulder and a reliable support. Promising guys are immediately visible. They are completely immersed in their studies or work, even in their youth they have grandiose plans for their future life and career.

Consider if your boyfriend can be a good father. Just pay attention to how the guy treats the kids who walk on the street, what he says about them. Love for children is immediately apparent.

In addition, you are unlikely to like it if your loved one will cheat on you with other women, so if one or another representative of the stronger sex looks after each skirt, most likely, he will not differ in fidelity.

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