Income Inequality: Causes And Consequences

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Income Inequality: Causes And Consequences
Income Inequality: Causes And Consequences

In the modern world, both men and women can make big money. But if a woman in a couple receives more than her husband, this can negatively affect family relationships. It is necessary to treat the earned correctly so as not to spoil the interaction.

Income inequality: causes and consequences
Income inequality: causes and consequences

Historically, the husband was the breadwinner of the family, which means he brought in more money than the other participants, but now the situation may be the opposite. In this case, a man can feel humiliated, and this leads to disagreements in a couple. It is important to see grievances as early as possible to prevent grievances and grievances from developing.

Reasons for different income

Today, every person is given the opportunity to get an education. Both boys and girls learn to read, write, and then have an equal chance of enrolling in educational institutions. Accordingly, a woman can be more educated than a companion, she can have more scientific degrees and titles. High-quality training helps to find a more prestigious job, to receive a higher salary. Differences in aspirations and priorities can lead to very large differences in income.

Sometimes it happens that a man himself decides to do the housework, and not provide for the family. In this case, everyone assumes those responsibilities that he is able to perform better and better. Even a man can go on maternity leave if the lady at this time is busy with something more important.

Discontent of a man in a family

If a woman receives more than a man, this can cause dissatisfaction with the stronger half. He may feel hurt, which quickly becomes a cause of strife and conflict. He may start making claims, complaining about other factors, but the main reason will be inequality. Feelings of inferiority, inability to realize, humiliation can greatly change a person's character.

To avoid conflicts, a woman needs to behave very tactfully. Firstly, you should not constantly emphasize your superiority, you do not need to hide income, but it is not recommended to talk about it with others. Secondly, you need to manage money together, do not allow yourself to make expensive purchases without the advice of your husband, make a decision together so that he does not feel weak. Thirdly, constantly say that a man is great, praise his merits, say that in other areas he is the best. Of course, you shouldn't go for flattery, look for real achievements and focus on them.

If a woman receives little

If the breadwinner in marriage is a man, and the woman receives little or does not work at all, problems may arise with the lady's lack of independence. It is important for her to know that she can manage her husband's money, that she does not have to constantly ask permission, she can afford some purchases. If you do not give her money for personal expenses, this will cause discontent and the desire by any means, even to the detriment of the family, to change the situation.

A man who earns more can allocate some part of the funds to his wife personally, so that she spends them not on the family, but only on herself, this will reduce the tension. It will not be superfluous to always consult about large expenses, as well as entrust the woman with the purchase of groceries, things for the house, children. If the spouse understands that she can manage her husband's money, that these are not his savings, but family savings, everything will be much easier.

There are many values ​​in any family, and money is not the most important of them. Feelings, support, respect, shared dreams are important components of life. Talk to a man about income, explain that it is not the amounts that are important, but something else. Of course, in some cases, a woman has to go to low-paying jobs in order to keep her family together, but this is very rare, because everything can be settled differently.

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