How To Learn Colors With A Child

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How To Learn Colors With A Child
How To Learn Colors With A Child

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We often worry that the child cannot learn to distinguish colors in any way. This does not mean that the baby is lagging behind in development. The baby may know colors, but may not be able to name them correctly. By the age of three, your baby should be able to distinguish and name all the primary colors.

How to learn colors with a child
How to learn colors with a child


Step 1

An important rule of any training crumbs - all training is carried out during the game. The child should not be forced to do anything. The learning process should be unobtrusive and tactful. Get the kid interested, and he will quickly get used to not only colors, but also letters and numbers. The child should not, at your order, like a parrot, repeat the answers to your question. Your baby is personality, and this will have to be reckoned with.

Step 2

You can learn colors with your child as follows. From an early age, pay the child's attention to the surrounding objects and subtly name the colors. For example, "let's put on this blue jacket and tie up with a white scarf." Do not distort the pronunciation instead of the word blue - blue, the child should recognize the true name of things and colors.

Step 3

Start playing different games depending on your child's age. You don't have to buy expensive kits at the store. Household items will help you learn colors with your child. For example, take colored clothespins and ordinary spoons, colored pencils. Explain to your child to place similarly colored items in piles. Help your child sort the items correctly. This technique will not only teach you to understand colors, but also help the child learn the word - the same. In games, you can use different household items - buttons, balls, candy wrappers.

Step 4

Buy colored puzzle games in the store and play regularly with your child. Communication with you is very important for a crumb. The kid will learn faster and delight you with success.

Step 5

When the child is comfortable enough and remembered the names of the flowers. Unobtrusively ask him to bring something, making sure to emphasize the color of the item. You will see that the baby has learned to understand you and will correctly bring the right things. If the child cannot learn the desired color in any way, do not scold him or be nervous yourself. Everything has its time. Any condition of correct learning is consistency, ease and unobtrusiveness. For a baby, everything should be a joy.

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