What Is The Average Penis Size For Men

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What Is The Average Penis Size For Men
What Is The Average Penis Size For Men

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Men, looking at a woman, can almost always understand what her breast size, what figure. Girls are often in for a surprise, since at first glance at their appearance, the size of a man's penis cannot be determined.

What is the average penis size for men
What is the average penis size for men

An interesting question about men

The question sometimes arises in the head of some women: what is the average penis size for men in different countries and different nationalities?

If we take the CIS countries, in the course of the polls, an interesting fact came to light that the size of male dignity depends on the diet and on the place of residence of the man. The further you move to the west and north, the more the average length of the penis increases. Among the residents of the CIS countries, only Georgian men are an exception. Their genitals are, on average, larger than all other men who live in the countries of the former USSR.

The average dignity size for men living in the CIS is 14.5-15 centimeters.

And if you take different states in the world? In Korea, the average penis size is 9.6 cm, in Colombia - 13.9 cm, in Chile - 14 cm, in Saudi Arabia - 12.4 cm, in India - 10.2 cm, in Greece - 12, 18 cm, in Mexico - 14, 9 cm, in Venezuela - 12, 7 cm, in Italy - 15 cm, in Brazil - 12, 4 cm, in Japan 13 cm, in France - 16 cm, in Spain - 13, 58 cm, in Germany - 14, 48 cm, in the USA - 12, 9 cm.

If we take the average statistical studies of the merits of men around the world, we get the following division: a micro-penis up to 12 cm, a small penis - 12-15 cm, an average penis 15-17 cm, a large penis - 17-20 cm, an extremely large penis - from 20 cm.

The largest, officially registered penis was 33.5 centimeters long, and the smallest was 7 centimeters.

The ratio of men and women to penis size

Men are often interested in what size of the penis can be considered average, on what points the penis is compared, what size is needed for sexual intercourse and how the size can be increased. Why are men interested in these questions? The stronger sex is used to assessing itself not from an objective point of view, but from the standpoint of comparing oneself with other men. As a result, the man is trying to find confirmation that he is not the last on this celebration of his life.

And what do women think about this? In most cases, they do not pay attention to the size of the penis. It is more important for them to have a man next to them who would love them, take care of them, be strong, handsome, could financially provide for common children, and indeed become a good husband and father. And during sexual contact, the length of the penis plays almost no role, if it is not the largest or the smallest. The main thing in bed for a man is the ability to arouse a woman and act correctly in general, and not the size of the penis.

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