How To Find Rapport With Your Husband

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How To Find Rapport With Your Husband
How To Find Rapport With Your Husband

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Many wives decide to file for divorce when there is no understanding with their husband. But before the wedding it seemed that you are one whole, you have many common interests, and there is a long life in love and harmony ahead. But marriage can still be saved if you put in effort, female wisdom and patience.

How to find rapport with your husband
How to find rapport with your husband


Step 1

Understand his psychology. Men are different from women, they think and feel differently. Because of this, there may be a lack of mutual understanding. A man treats your efforts, requests, your experiences not the way you want it, not because he doesn’t care, but because he is arranged differently. Jack Gray talks about this well in his book "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."

Step 2

Don't limit or control your husband. For a man, his freedom is of great importance. It is very important for him to be alone with his thoughts, to do what he loves. If he wants to meet with his friends once a week, allow him to reach an understanding with her husband. You can also go to a cafe with your girlfriends, sign up for a gym, or find a new hobby for yourself.

Step 3

Accept your husband for who he is. Do not try to change your husband for yourself. Each person has their own flaws. Since you married this person, it means that you like certain qualities in him. So try to see only the good in him, closing your eyes to the shortcomings. If you seriously dislike some of his actions, then calmly talk to your husband and explain in detail what you want from him and why it is needed.

Step 4

Do not harbor resentment against your husband. If you remain silent all the time, accumulating all the negativity in yourself, then you will not be able to reach mutual understanding with your husband. At one point, you will break loose and quarrel, and the husband will not understand the reason. Speak up, at the same time specifically name the reason for your dissatisfaction, without raising your voice.

Step 5

Learn to communicate and listen. Sometimes mutual understanding between spouses disappears due to the fact that they talk less or interrupt each other all the time. The wife is busy with the children and her household chores, and the husband disappears in the garage or watches TV. Give each other more time to socialize. Go for a walk in a park or a restaurant together and have a chat.

Step 6

Leave work problems at work. Yesterday you could come home, see your husband at the TV, walk up and kiss him. And today, because of problems at work, you come home and break down on your husband that he is again sitting in front of the TV and does nothing. If there is no understanding with your husband, then first of all look for the reason in yourself, in your mood. Women are known for mood swings and increased aggression on certain days, so in some cases the husband may not have to do with it.

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