How To Calculate Your Future Gender

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How To Calculate Your Future Gender
How To Calculate Your Future Gender

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At the moment, there is no accurate diagnosis of the sex of the unborn child in advance. Nature reserves the right to decide this issue. However, there are more or less well-founded theories that you can use if you really want to influence the determination of the sex of your unborn child.

How to calculate your future gender
How to calculate your future gender


Step 1

Many Internet sites now offer a service to take a test and determine the sex of the unborn child. a similar test can be passed, for example, here You answer a large number of questions regarding your health, the characteristics of your mother's pregnancy, the number of children your parents have, and so on. As a result, the predisposition of your body to conceiving a boy or girl is determined. However, the disadvantage of such a service is that most often it is a commercial offer and you pay money to find out the possible course of events, for the reliability of which, in fact, no one bears and cannot bear responsibility

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You can try the "blood renewal" method for free and calculate the probable gender of the child. The essence of the technique is based on the fact that the blood in men is renewed every 4 years, in women - every 3 years. If the father's blood at the time of conception is "newer", most likely a boy will be born, if the mother's - a girl.

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There is also an ancient Chinese table for determining the sex of the unborn child, where gender depends on the age of the mother and the month of conception. You can use such a table, for example, her

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It is believed that with frequent intercourse, it is easier to conceive a boy, but if you have irregular and rather rare cases of sexual intercourse, expect a girl.

Step 5

The theory that takes into account the moment of onset of ovulation and the differences in spermatozoa carrying the X chromosome and the Y chromosome is considered the most reasonable. The fact is that sperm with an X chromosome move slower than those carrying a Y chromosome. But Y-spermatozoa, although faster, are less tenacious and die faster. Therefore, if sexual intercourse happened before ovulation, the partners have a better chance of getting a girl, since the fast Y (responsible for the male sex) will reach the egg cell ahead of time and will not wait for ovulation, and the slow X will be in place just in time, and sexual intercourse is formed. cell XX, which is responsible for the female sex. If sexual intercourse occurred at the time of ovulation or the first day after it, then the fast Y will overtake the egg cell first, and you will get a boy (XY). When calculating in this way, you need to know exactly the day of ovulation. This will help either measuring basal temperature, or using ovulation tests that are sold in pharmacies.

Step 6

The gender of the child can be influenced by the diet followed by the expectant mother. Trace elements entering a woman's body affect the biochemical structure of eggs, facilitating the penetration of spermatozoa with X or Y chromosomes into them. To conceive a boy, a woman's menu should include foods rich in potassium and sodium ions, but poor in magnesium and calcium ions. These are fish and seafood, meat, potatoes, mushrooms, egg white, fruits (especially cherries, bananas, apricots, oranges, peaches). Do not get carried away with bread and pastries, raw cabbage, nuts.

Step 7

There is also a lunar calendar with which you can also try to predict the sex of your unborn child, but modern medicine does not recognize the scientific nature of this method. The myths also include such signs as the shape of the abdomen of a pregnant woman, the type of gait, the peculiarities of the course of toxicosis, and so on.

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