How To Calculate The Date Of Maternity Leave

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How To Calculate The Date Of Maternity Leave
How To Calculate The Date Of Maternity Leave

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In late pregnancy, it becomes difficult for a woman to go to work and carry out her usual duties. In addition, she has new concerns related to preparing for the birth of a child. Therefore, all expectant mothers are legally entitled to maternity leave. You can calculate this long-awaited date both independently and by contacting a doctor.

How to calculate the date of maternity leave
How to calculate the date of maternity leave


Step 1

Officially, the concept of "maternity leave" is absent. In the Labor Code, it consists of 2 parts: maternity leave, as well as parental leave. The first part is a paid vacation provided for a specified period before and after childbirth. The second part includes 2 periods: up to 1, 5 years and from 1, 5 to 3 years. During it, a woman receives an allowance from the FSS and a compensation payment from the employer.

Step 2

A woman has the right to go on maternity leave within 30 weeks of pregnancy. She has 70 days to prepare for childbirth and the same amount to restore her health after the birth of the baby. This applies to cases when the pregnancy is singleton and without any complications. Then the woman begins a leave associated with caring for a child.

Step 3

In the case of multiple pregnancies, the expectant mother has the right to go on maternity leave at the 28th week. A woman is no longer given 140 days to rest, as in the first case, but 194 (84 days before childbirth and 110 days after).

Step 4

There are times when a woman gives birth before going on vacation. In this situation, the mother can count on a maternity leave of 156 calendar days from the moment the baby is born. If the state of health deteriorates, a working woman can take annual leave according to the usual scheme. By law, the employer is obliged to provide it to the employee either before childbirth or after the end of the pregnancy and childbirth rest. If the vacation according to the schedule has already been used, it is not granted again. An exception is inpatient treatment as indicated by a doctor.

Step 5

The scheme for obtaining annual leave before going on maternity leave is exactly the same as for other employees. The amount of the allowance is determined by calculating the amounts for days worked per year. The money must be credited to the employee's account 3 days before the start of the vacation, which lasts 28 days. Immediately after it, maternity leave should be issued for the woman.

Step 6

Complicated labor extends maternity leave by 16 days. If, after the birth of a child, the woman's condition has worsened, she has the right to be treated in a hospital. Moreover, the time spent in the hospital is not included in the accounting of vacation days, i.e. the decree is increased by the number of days spent on treatment.

Step 7

If there are problems with the health of the fetus, the term of the decree does not change in any way. If it becomes necessary to treat a woman in a hospital before going on maternity leave, the attending physician writes out a sick leave giving the right to not attend the workplace. In other cases, the expectant mother must complete the necessary deadlines, regardless of the condition of the fetus.

Step 8

Women living in areas with radiation, high levels of environmental hazard, as well as working with harmful chemicals, can apply for an earlier period of maternity leave. It is 160 days (90 days before and 70 after childbirth), and occurs at the 27th week.

Step 9

By law, working women have the right to take maternity leave a little later than the due date. To do this, you must visit the observing doctor and, in the absence of contraindications, the rest can be delayed. After that. as an employee decides to stop working, she will have to go to the doctor again and receive a sick leave with the entry of data into the card.

Step 10

When deciding to go on maternity leave late, it is important to consider a few points. It is possible to postpone the date of leave only until the birth of the child.A woman who has worked until the very birth can only arrange a rest for caring for a baby. Consequently, the set vacation days of rest and their payment will not be involved. This course of events is justified with good wages and good health.

Step 11

Despite the fact that the woman did not use the opportunity to go on maternity leave, the sick leave received later than the prescribed sick leave will be recorded "retroactively". This will be the date when the woman was supposed to go on vacation.

Step 12

If an employee is on maternity leave and at the same time visits the workplace, according to the law, she refuses to pay. This is due to the fact that you are not supposed to receive money for both vacation and work at the same time. However, it is possible to agree with the employer to pay for the work in the form of a bonus.

Step 13

The date of going on maternity leave is calculated by the gynecologist. But the expectant mother can do it on her own. In this case, 2 simple methods can be used.

Step 14

Many obstetricians use an ultrasound scan to determine the date of conception. From this time the set number of weeks is counted. The approximate duration is determined by the size of the fetus.

Step 15

Another way to calculate the date of maternity leave is to use sick leave. After contacting the doctor, the woman, according to the results of the tests, is given the gestational age. If, for example, 8 weeks are set, then another 22 is added to them. This will be the start date of the rest. For her independent determination, a woman should check with a specialist which of the methods will be used in the calculations. On the calculated day, the expectant mother is issued a sick leave, according to which she goes on vacation.

Step 16

A woman on maternity leave is entitled to a state allowance, the amount of which is calculated based on the average earnings for the previous 2 years. As a rule, money is paid on the date of salary payment, which is the nearest after giving birth (2-3 months after going on maternity leave). Moreover, the amount of the benefit cannot be less than the amount of the minimum wage. Payments must be made from all jobs where the woman was officially employed.

Step 17

Maternity leave is an important period in a woman's life. It was during it that the expectant mother prepares mentally and physically for a meeting with the baby, learns to interact with him after his birth. Therefore, you should not neglect this period, because you can always get to work in time.

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