How To Tell Friendship From Falling In Love

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How To Tell Friendship From Falling In Love
How To Tell Friendship From Falling In Love

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Sometimes there are situations between friends, when one person is just friends, and the other loves his friend. Then there may be misunderstandings, resentments, and then a split in relations. Therefore, it is worth knowing in advance how to distinguish friendly feelings from falling in love, so as not to get into an awkward situation.

How to tell friendship from falling in love
How to tell friendship from falling in love


Step 1

Gifts between friends are not as common as in relationships. They are usually given on holidays and birthdays. At the same time, the amounts are spent approximately the same, and the balance is maintained in terms of quantity. But if a guy starts giving flowers and small gifts to his girlfriend at every meeting, most likely he is counting on something more. In addition, he will show his worth by paying for a cafe and a cinema.

Step 2

It is difficult for a man in love to say "no" to someone for whom he has feelings. Therefore, at the slightest request for help, all agreements with other people are canceled. And friends help when it does not harm their personal plans.

Step 3

When people are truly friends, they don't have tension in conversation and awkward topics. They discuss the other person's personal life and give relationship advice. But a man in love will not be able to calmly listen to stories about the dates of his beloved. Most often, he will criticize his partner, try to provoke a breakup in order to try to be with the object of his love.

Step 4

At parties and other fun gatherings, friends spend time together, but if there is an opportunity to meet someone, they use it. If a person is in love, he will not look around and look for other people to communicate. In addition, he can prevent a friend from meeting people of the opposite sex in order to be always together.

Step 5

If a person loves his friend, he will try not to disappoint him and look his best. Any mistake will immediately be followed by an apology. He is never late for meetings, tries to quickly fulfill any of your assignments. Every day a loving friend will remind you of his existence - SMS, call, message on the network or just like on your photo. Friends in this regard are calmer, they may be late, forget to buy you a portion of ice cream or not call for a week.

Step 6

Watch your friend, because feelings are very difficult to hide. People in love look intently and attentively at a loved one. They try to touch more often, hug, laugh at all the jokes and smile.

Step 7

If you find that your best friend fits the whole list of lovers, you don't need to get into a showdown. Decide how you feel about him, and if it's not mutual, tell him gently. You need to make it clear that you do not feel the same, but would like to remain friends. Be careful in your statements so as not to hurt his feelings and do not lose forever.

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