How To Register On A Dating Site

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How To Register On A Dating Site
How To Register On A Dating Site

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Online dating has become very popular lately. Modern young people have little time to go to art galleries, theaters, and exhibitions. There is no desire to meet on the streets. The Internet is always at hand, and on a dating site you can find yourself a couple at any time.

How to register on a dating site
How to register on a dating site


Step 1

To register on a dating site, you need a good quality photo. This should be taken care of in advance. Friends can take pictures, and it is even better if the shooting is carried out by a professional photographer. Try to look natural in the picture. Do not overly embellish the appearance. Otherwise, when meeting in real life, there is a risk of being unrecognized.

Step 2

Registration on most sites takes place in two stages. The first one is filling in personal data and contact information. In the questionnaire, you must specify a name or nickname (virtual nickname). Age - here you can lie a little. By specifying the number of years less than it actually is, there is a chance to meet a lot of interesting people. If you can find real friends on the site, age will become completely irrelevant. Physical data - height, weight, eye and hair color - are entered into the questionnaire at will.

Step 3

Upload your best photo to the site. Accounts with images are viewed much more often.

Step 4

Be very careful when filling out the "interests" or "hobbies" column. This will make you more likely to meet people with similar hobbies and a similar lifestyle.

Step 5

Filling in the username and password. Be sure to come up with complex code, otherwise the page will be easy to hack. If this happens, hidden data will be made public, and attackers will be able to send messages with viruses from the account.

Step 6

When all the questionnaire fields are filled in, provide a valid email address. It is needed to confirm registration on the site.

Step 7

The second step is to verify your account. To do this, follow the link sent to your e-mail from a dating site.

Step 8

After confirming your account, you will receive another letter on the successful completion of registration by e-mail. Now you can send messages to other users of the dating site, chat, play virtual games.

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