How To Get Your Dream Girl Into Bed

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How To Get Your Dream Girl Into Bed
How To Get Your Dream Girl Into Bed

Your new friend is insanely sexy, you just can't take your eyes off her and just think how to seduce her. It seems that the girl also likes you, but what steps must be taken so that in the morning you wake up under one blanket.

How to get your dream girl into bed
How to get your dream girl into bed


Step 1

It is best to operate in familiar territory, your own home is the best fit for this. If the girl agreed to your invitation to “drop by for a cup of coffee,” then you can start preparing.

Step 2

Clean up the apartment and give it a relaxed atmosphere. Throw a few pillows on the sofa in a relaxed, reclining position. Make sure the lights in the room are dim and there are candles on the coffee table.

Step 3

A real gentleman should give tasty food and drink a young lady. Neither one nor the other should be carried away, light salads, cold cuts and a bottle of champagne or red wine will be enough.

Step 4

Appearance for seducing a girl is also very important. It is unlikely that a girl will like it if you go out to her with an open torso or wrapped in a terry robe. But a suit with a tie at home will not be appropriate. Therefore, we choose the best option - a clean ironed T-shirt, jeans and a little perfume.

Step 5

Now comes the most important point. Your friend has already arrived, she appreciated your appearance and sat down nicely on the couch next to you. Take your time, do not immediately pounce on the girl with kisses, endear her to you. The surest way to do this is by talking about your guest. Tell us how smart, charming and beautiful she is. Take the girl's hand and gently run her palm. If the girl does not shy away from these innocent caresses, you can try to move on to more daring actions. Kiss her on the neck or behind the ear, and if after that the girl did not remember about the strict mother and the rapidly approaching night, you have every chance to spend a magical night.

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