How To Meet A Dream Girl

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How To Meet A Dream Girl
How To Meet A Dream Girl

Video: How To Meet A Dream Girl

Video: How To Meet A Dream Girl
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Some guys easily get to know girls, while others can't even ask a stranger for directions. And it's not that these others are flawed or poor. It's just that the first ones know how to get to know each other, while the latter don't.

How to meet a dream girl
How to meet a dream girl

What girls like

Girls love two things about guys - self-confidence and persistence (not to be confused with obsession). Guys who are confident in themselves seem to radiate strength, and women love strong men.

If a guy is shy, then he is simply not interesting to people of the opposite sex. Self-doubt turns girls off. If you come up to ask for directions, and at the same time blush and mumble, then what kind of acquaintance can we talk about?

Dream girl

What is the girl of your dreams? In order to get to know her, you need to create the image of your dreams, and only then look for it. Determine the character traits that the girl of your dreams should have, her appearance, what talents she should have, etc. Just remember that the image must correspond to reality.

To make it easier, write down on paper all the qualities that a girl should have. Then cross out those that you think are negligible. Leave only 5 qualities that the girl of your dreams must have. Ideal people do not exist, driving yourself into the rigid framework of your fantasies, you risk never finding the girl of your dreams.

Where to meet

A dream girl can meet anywhere - in a cafe, in a park, in a nightclub, even on an escalator in the subway or a taxi route. Don't miss the opportunity. Of course, first you are guided by the appearance, and only then you will recognize its character. But there is no result without mistakes.

If you cannot approach a girl on the street and get acquainted, then use dating sites or social networks. It's easier to write than to say. In addition, during correspondence, you will learn the qualities of her personality, and you will be able to decide whether she is right for you or not.

How to get acquainted

If you saw the girl of your dreams in a public place then:

- establish visual contact with her. Before you approach, look into her eyes from a distance. If she answers you, then this is an auspicious sign. If the girl avoids the gaze, then the chances are not too great. Better pay attention to someone more sociable.

- smile. If the answer to the smile is received, then no options - walk to get acquainted.

- come and say hello. The worst thing that can happen is rejection. You should not be afraid of refusal, because you will not be killed or maimed.

It's much easier to get acquainted on the Internet. Moreover, the girl's hobbies are indicated in the questionnaire and even her characteristics are given. Another question is whether to believe them or not.

Write to the girl you like. It's not as difficult as getting close. Surely they will answer you. To test her character, find a couple of psychological tests and gradually ask her questions from it. Then just pass these tests for her. This way of getting to know a girl is not the best, but the easiest.

If you enjoyed chatting with a girl, now is the time to meet in reality. Invite her to the cinema / cafe / museum / theater. If she refuses without serious reason, you should be on your guard - there is some kind of catch.

Another way to meet your dream girl is through mutual acquaintances. But here practically nothing depends on you - the most important thing is to get her to talk.