How To Pay Attention To Your Wife

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How To Pay Attention To Your Wife
How To Pay Attention To Your Wife

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Perhaps not a single married couple can do without quarrels and criticism of each other. And there is nothing wrong with that: a family is a living organism, and sometimes it needs to get rid of toxins. If you have noticed that your spouse is increasingly expressing dissatisfaction with your relationship lately, think about it: are you paying enough attention to your wife?

How to pay attention to your wife
How to pay attention to your wife


Step 1

Try discussing the topic with your wife or changing your behavior. Maybe you don't notice some nuances in your behavior that your spouse pays attention to, interpreting them in her own way.

Step 2

A loving and considerate husband should be able to calm his wife, instill confidence in her, and help her live a fulfilling life. Do you want to be just such a spouse? Establish a dialogue and ask your wife the right questions. Since when does she behave like this? Does she get tired of children or housework? Are you always ready to lend your strong man's shoulder to her in difficult times?

Step 3

Ask your spouse about her feelings, do not hesitate to tell her more often that you still want and love her.

Step 4

Support your wife in her daily parenting chores. She will be much more welcoming when she sees that you share them with her.

Step 5

Try to remember how you behave when visiting. If, having come with you to a party, your wife feels invisible while you are chatting with other women in a casual and cheerful manner, it is only logical that she will have a question: what happens when you relax without her?

Step 6

Don't abuse your freedom. If you promise to be back in two hours when you go to football with friends, try not to be back at six in the morning.

Step 7

The most frequent sexual fantasy of men is a woman who is miraculously relieved of all household chores (children, home, work) and agrees to all types of sex. Try to understand one simple thing. A man has sex to prove his love to a woman, but also to get rid of stress, to relax. A woman, even an ardently loving husband, on the contrary, needs to relax in order to want sex! Create a suitable climate. Your wife needs affectionate words and surprises in order to feel desired and loved, in order to want to take the initiative into her own hands!

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