What They Pay Attention To When They Meet

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What They Pay Attention To When They Meet
What They Pay Attention To When They Meet

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The first impression is considered the most correct, so many people are guided by it. But in order to create a favorable impression on others when meeting, it is advisable to know which moments attract attention in the first place.

What they pay attention to when they meet
What they pay attention to when they meet

Perception channels

During dating, people consciously and subconsciously pay attention to a number of things. Some of them are well-known and even reflected in the corresponding proverbs, and almost no one thinks about others, although their influence on the first impression is no less.

The main channel of perception of the interlocutor can be determined by various markers. For example, visuals are more likely than others to use the introductory phrase "you see", and audials use the construction "listen."

There is a theory according to which people are divided into three groups, depending on how they prefer to learn about the world around them. The so-called visuals focus on visual impressions, audials mainly rely on hearing, and kinesthetics rely on tactile sensations and smells. If you do not know which particular group your counterpart belongs to, it would be appropriate to try to positively influence all three channels of perception.

In practice, this means that in order to create a good impression when meeting you, you need not only to look good and neat, but also to monitor your speech, gestures, facial expressions. In addition, the person you meet may be put off by an unpleasant smell or too strong a handshake.

What to look for

It is paradoxical that, despite all the brevity of the moment of acquaintance, during this time its participants manage to transmit and perceive a huge amount of information. Attention is drawn to the quality and cut of the clothing, its style and approximate price. Acquaintance women often concentrate on jewelry: earrings, rings, bracelets, which can say a lot about their mistress. However, to pay attention to status things is typical not only of the fair sex. Men also notice expensive watches, designer ties, and precious accessories.

In addition to certain wardrobe items that can communicate the wealth of their owner, the carefulness of their selection, accuracy, cleanliness also play an important role. Even the most expensive suit with a ketchup stain will allow us to conclude that its owner, although rich, is sloppy and careless. Naturally, this will affect the first impression. To a greater extent, visuals are distinguished by such observation, but representatives of other groups may also notice a discrepancy.

Too strong desire to be liked can also be noticed and perceived negatively, for fear of a catch. Better to behave calmly and with dignity.

Voice, speech content, gestures are also important factors. It is known that people receive the bulk of information in personal communication through non-verbal means of communication, which include intonation, facial expressions, posture and gestures. For example, arms crossed on the chest at the moment of presentation may lead to the conclusion that a person is trying to "isolate himself" from acquaintance.

Traditionally, the dating procedure includes a handshake. It is important that it is not too strong, otherwise your counterpart will perceive it as aggression. On the other hand, an excessively sluggish handshake will create the impression of weakness and weakness. Naturally, the palm should not be wet, as this irritates almost all greeting people.

Finally, smells must not be forgotten. If your perfume is too aggressive and harsh, then the interlocutor will certainly note this circumstance to himself. At the same time, a well-chosen cologne or perfume allows you to leave a pleasant impression on the subconscious level.

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