How To Issue Guardianship In Ukraine

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How To Issue Guardianship In Ukraine
How To Issue Guardianship In Ukraine

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In addition to adoption, which is not always possible due to problems with the child's documents, there are other ways to take an orphan into a family. For example, you can arrange guardianship. And if you live in Ukraine, then take into account the specifics of registration of guardianship in this country.

How to issue guardianship in Ukraine
How to issue guardianship in Ukraine

It is necessary

  • - passport;
  • - Marriage certificate;
  • - income statement;
  • - certificate of good conduct;
  • - characteristics from the place of work;
  • - health certificate.


Step 1

Check if you are the right person to become a guardian. You must be of legal age and legal age. You must not have more than six children in care, including your own blood offspring.

Step 2

Complete the necessary documents. Get a certificate from the housing office about the composition of your family. Also make a statement about how. What do you want to take care of your child? All adults in your household who live with you must do the same. Get a certificate of income from the organization where you work, as well as a testimonial for yourself. Make photocopies of all documents, including passports and marriage certificates. Also get a police clearance document. If you want to take care of a child who is related to you, your blood connection will also need to be proven with documents.

Step 3

Contact the Children's Services with all the papers. There you will be given a referral for a medical examination, including by a narcologist and psychiatrist. Other family members will need to provide general health certificates.

Step 4

Take special courses to train guardians. They will be useful to you even if you already have your own children. Admission to a family of a child who is likely to have psychological trauma is difficult enough even for experienced parents.

Step 5

Wait for the decision of the special board of trustees regarding your candidacy. You can be called to his meeting to answer additional questions. If you are deemed to be a suitable guardian, you can obtain official documents in this regard and pick up the child.

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