How To Take A Child From An Orphanage

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How To Take A Child From An Orphanage
How To Take A Child From An Orphanage

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Nature has laid in us a special life program - we must conceive, bear and give birth to offspring. But it is not always easy for parents to accomplish this task. Then the birth of a baby becomes a big problem for the family. Spouses spend a long time on all kinds of examinations, treatments, medical procedures. Meanwhile, there is a way out of the situation - to take the child from the orphanage.

How to take a child from an orphanage
How to take a child from an orphanage


Step 1

Notify the guardianship authorities in your region of your decision. In Russia, it is the guardianship authorities that determine orphans in foster families. At the same time, a child can be taken into a family not only by a complete family consisting of mom and dad, but also by a single woman or man.

Step 2

Check out the forms of life arrangement for orphans in our country: - Adoption is a form of life arrangement for a child, in which he is equated with his family, receives inheritance rights and the right to parental assistance. In Russia, adoptive parents receive a lump sum payment. - By consent, guardianship is issued to an orphan by guardians. In the future, they are paid a monthly cash allowance for the child. - A foster family is a kind of life arrangement for orphans, when the parents do not come into kinship with the child. In this case, the adoptive parents receive a cash allowance for the maintenance of the child.

Step 3

Study the statistics. According to the data, young children are more often adopted, and adults are taken into foster families or take custody of them.

Step 4

Decide how old you want your child to be in your family. Weigh carefully the pros and cons of a new life. You will greatly traumatize the child's psyche if you do not cope with the upbringing and return him back to the orphanage. This is especially the case with adolescent children, whose age characteristics imply the presence of a complex nature and problems with communication. Babies survive adoption more easily and grow up in a foster family like family. Often, growing up, such children become outwardly similar to their step parents!

Step 5

Check out your rights. For example, if you do not want to divulge the secret of the adoption of an infant, you should know that the guardianship authorities are criminalized for not maintaining the confidentiality of data.

Step 6

Before you take a child from an orphanage, carefully read the adoption procedure. Despite the fact that the process is now simplified, it can take up to six months from the moment of filing the application until the child arrives at your home.

Step 7

Analyze your desires. You should not cripple the fate of a child by taking him into foster care if you are not sure that you can fall in love with a step-child. In the practice of guardianship authorities, there are many cases when guardians and adoptive parents pursue only selfish goals and are not good parents to orphans.

Step 8

Visit the foster school. Usually there are such organizations in all guardianship authorities. Read psychological literature. After a child from an orphanage has entered your family, it is useful for some time to receive the help of a qualified psychologist in order to quickly establish family contact with the baby.

Step 9

Do not elevate your noble deed to a feat. Be prepared for imminent challenges and difficulties. Take the child into the family, like a family, love him and remember about the responsibility for his fate.

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