How To Treat Prickly Heat In Infants

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How To Treat Prickly Heat In Infants
How To Treat Prickly Heat In Infants

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Every baby at least once in his life suffered from prickly heat, the main reason for its appearance is overheating. Proper skin care, quick treatment and hygiene will help you to cope with a baby's rash in no more than 5-7 days.

How to treat prickly heat in infants
How to treat prickly heat in infants

It is necessary

  • - manganese solution;
  • -medicinal herbs;
  • -powder.


Step 1

Add a weak solution of potassium permanganate or a decoction of chamomile and string to the bathing water. This will disinfect inflamed skin and deal with irritation caused by sweat. However, bathing in water with a solution of potassium permanganate dries the skin a little. To eliminate dryness, every time after bathing, apply a thin layer of baby cream to the baby's skin, excluding places of redness.

Step 2

Prepare a broth for bathing: mix 3 tablespoons of chamomile and 3 tablespoons of a string and brew them in one liter of water, then let the broth infuse for an hour. Strain the finished broth through several layers of gauze and add to the baby's bathing water.

Step 3

Wipe problem areas of the skin with a napkin previously soaked in a solution of soda (add one teaspoon of baking soda to one glass of warm boiled water).

Step 4

When the first signs of prickly heat appear, eliminate the cause of its appearance - extra clothes. Bed linen and clothes of the child must be made from natural fabrics, for example: from natural cotton. There should be as few layers of clothing on the baby as possible - his body should "breathe".

Step 5

Use a powder, in any case do not lubricate the places of redness with cream and vegetable oil - this can aggravate the problem.

Step 6

Ventilate the room several times a day, the air is a great help to fight prickly heat. Monitor the temperature in the room, try to keep it around 20 degrees.

Step 7

After bathing, do not put your baby on immediately, wait a couple of minutes. This is necessary so that the moisture is completely dry. Give your child air baths 2-3 times a day: undress him completely for 10-15 minutes.

Step 8

In the event that prickly heat appears on the skin under the diaper, try to change diapers as often as possible, or, if possible, abandon them completely for the duration of treatment.

Step 9

After consulting with your doctor and with his approval, use special creams for the treatment of prickly heat, for example: "Drapolen", "Bepanten", "Desitin", etc.

Step 10

If, 2-3 days after the start of daily hygiene procedures, prickly heat does not begin to disappear, or if it spreads further along the child's skin, be sure to contact your local pediatrician or allergist. The doctor will determine the cause of prickly heat and prescribe treatment.

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