How To Treat Prickly Heat In Newborns

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How To Treat Prickly Heat In Newborns
How To Treat Prickly Heat In Newborns

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The good intentions of inexperienced parents often lead to the opposite result, which affects the well-being of the baby and his skin. The most common cases are prickly heat of newborns, associated with overheating of the child due to excessive wrapping or being in clothes that are not suitable for the weather.

How to treat prickly heat in newborns
How to treat prickly heat in newborns


Step 1

Mickey heat in newborns goes away as quickly as it appears. However, despite this, it requires timely treatment, since it can turn into a purulent form of the course of the disease, which is dangerous for the baby's life. If a small punctate rash appears on the baby's neck, back, chest, take action immediately. Combine the treatment of prickly heat in a newborn with self-healing of his skin.

Step 2

Ventilate the baby's room several times a day and observe the temperature regime in it. Dress your newborn just like yourself. If you are concerned that it will overcool, check it periodically. Important indicators for this are the spout and handles, which should be warm.

Step 3

Give your baby air baths more often, not only during dressing, but also between them. Sunbathing is of the same importance in the treatment of prickly heat in newborns. They have a bactericidal effect and have a great effect on the condition of the skin. Spend them in the shade on the street or on the sunny side of the apartment, before 11 am or after 4 days.

Step 4

Use drying powders to treat prickly heat. The best option for this is regular baby powder without flavorings. An even better alternative is corn or potato starch. They perfectly absorb vapors from the skin and prevent wetting and inflammation of the rash. If the rash shows signs of infection (the presence of pustules), add crushed streptocide to the powder and apply a generous amount of powder to the affected areas of the body.

Step 5

Arrange baths for your baby with the addition of one of the remedies - a saturated solution of potassium permanganate, string or chamomile. They perfectly soothe baby's skin, which itches from a drying rash.

Step 6

Usually, with timely and correct treatment of prickly heat, a positive result appears already on the second day.

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