How To Teach A Child To Ask For A Potty

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How To Teach A Child To Ask For A Potty
How To Teach A Child To Ask For A Potty

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Small children give a lot of trouble to young parents. One of the problems is wet pants. How to teach a growing toddler to ask for a potty? At what age do you need to do this?

How to teach a child to ask for a potty
How to teach a child to ask for a potty


Step 1

With the development of new technologies and the invention of diapers, children for a very long time may not ask for a potty just because they do not feel discomfort in the event of an "accident". The diaper remains dry, and the baby does not understand that he needs to ask for a potty. Therefore, despite the convenience of modern diapers, it is still better to use them only at night and on a walk.

Step 2

Some babies, as early as 3 months of age, can restrain urination during sleep. If the parents are very attentive, then you can see how the child behaves when he wants to use the toilet. He begins to worry, cry, grunt, or make other sounds that let him know about the child's problem.

Step 3

From 6-8 months of age (this is all individually), you can already sit the baby on the pot or hold the baby over the pot. This should be done immediately after sleep and before sleep, offering to do personal needs. If you are very careful, you can find out by the child's behavior what he already needs for the potty.

Step 4

When a child already begins to walk, he himself understands what and where he needs to do, so very often the children themselves bring the pot to their mothers. Usually they do this when they want to go to the toilet or after a job is done.

Step 5

In order to quickly teach a child to ask for a pot, you need to periodically plant him on it. When the child asks for it, be sure to praise him. If the baby came up to you already in wet pants, you must definitely bring the child to the potty and once again explain where to do these things.

Step 6

Buy a beautiful pot so that your child will be interested in using this item.

Step 7

When a baby comes up to you with a potty already in wet pants or asks to change clothes, do not scold him. If a child shows a desire to do natural needs by making certain sounds or showing some movements, for example, squatting, this means that your child is already ready to do it on his own. But he just needs a little more attention from you. Love your children and they will respond in kind to you.

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