How To Tell Children About Easter

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How To Tell Children About Easter
How To Tell Children About Easter

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Easter is one of the most beloved holidays for adults and children. This is understandable, the little one loves to sculpt Easter cake and paint Easter eggs with multi-colored paints. Preparing for the feast can be not only interesting, but also useful if you tell your child in a language that he understands about Great Easter, about fasting, about Jesus Christ. Understanding the meaning of what is happening, the baby will look forward to this mysterious day, prepare for it with even greater zeal.

How to tell children about Easter
How to tell children about Easter


Step 1

Read books about Easter for your child, watch an animated film about Jesus or a TV series based on Bible stories together. Without going into details, tell your kid that Easter is considered the most important church holiday dedicated to the universal joy of people in the resurrection of God's son from the dead. Explain that Jesus was sent by God the Father to earth to atone for human sins. Betrayed by one of his disciples, Jesus was executed at Calvary, and on the third day after death he rose again and went to heaven for eternal life.

Step 2

Cook Easter eggs together. Tell your child that the custom of dyeing eggs is connected with the legend that when one of the Jews predicted Sunday to the Lord, the owner of the house where the events took place exclaimed that the roast rooster would sooner run and the white eggs on the table would turn red. At the same instant, everything happened just like that. This is how the tradition of painting eggs for Easter arose. They have become a symbol and the main attribute of Easter. It is the hen's egg, behind the shell of which a new life is hidden, that symbolizes the beginning of a new life, rebirth. Explain to your child that the egg is eaten first at the Easter meal. In addition, the painted egg is handed over to all guests, consecrated in the church, and served to those asking for alms.

Step 3

Do not forget that Easter cake is also an integral part of the Easter table. Explain to your child that the cake symbolizes the presence of God in human life. It is the baking, sweetness and beauty of Easter bread that express the Lord's love for each of us, his mercy, condescension to the last sinner.

Step 4

Tell your child that this holiday is celebrated for forty days, because after his Resurrection, it was forty days that the Son of God came to the disciples. Remember yourself and teach your children all forty days of Easter to give cakes and colored eggs, receive guests, go on a visit and congratulate everyone on Christ's Resurrection.

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