How To Tell Fairy Tales To Children

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How To Tell Fairy Tales To Children
How To Tell Fairy Tales To Children

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A fairy tale is a childhood companion of any child. Fairy tales about animals, fairy tales are able to color the world with all colors. For a few minutes, a child, together with an adult, can be transported into a wonderful world filled with unprecedented heroes and adventures. Captivating storytelling will always resonate with your child. After all, children are the most grateful listeners.

How to tell fairy tales to children
How to tell fairy tales to children

It is necessary

  • - fairy tales;
  • - characters of the puppet theater;
  • - accessories for heroes of fairy tales;
  • - plasticine, paints, pencils.


Step 1

Tell new fairy tales in faces, imitating the low and rough voice of a bear, the flattering intonation of a fox, or the sad voice of an offended hare. This will help the kid not only quickly memorize the tale, but also more vividly present its characters.

Step 2

Use additional objects in the course of the story: a crown for the princess, a headscarf for Mashenka, a toy frog for the fairy tale "The Frog Princess". This will bring your fairy tale to life and captivate the kid.

Step 3

As soon as the child remembers the whole fairy tale well, invite him to take on the role of the character he likes or several heroes at once (for example, in the fairy tale "Teremok").

Step 4

Try telling a fairy tale while drawing or sculpting the main characters at the same time. A preview of illustrations for a fairy tale will help you navigate in choosing a plot for drawing.

Step 5

A puppet show is another good way to illustrate fairy tales. Choose fairy tales with a small number of characters (Masha and the Bear, Spikelet). The Finger Theater is suitable for very young fairy tale lovers. A two-year-old kid can help an adult in storytelling by putting an image of the hero of a fairy tale on his finger.

Step 6

Come up with fairy tales where your child is the protagonist. He may well become the hero of the fairy tale "Boy with a finger", "Little Red Riding Hood". Children love to listen to a story about themselves. In addition, such fairy tales are a good tool for correcting or educating a child of certain character traits.

Step 7

Tell the "wrong" fairy tales ("Blue Riding Hood", "Cat in Shoes", etc.). Add other characters to familiar fairy tales. Such fairy tales amuse the child in a new way, develop his imagination.

Step 8

Choose familiar fairy tales for bedtime storytelling. Speak quietly and calmly. Your task is not to amaze the child with the intricacies of a fairy tale plot, but to calm, prepare for sleep, lull the baby to sleep.

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