How To Deal With Child Tantrums

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How To Deal With Child Tantrums
How To Deal With Child Tantrums

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Almost every parent knows that coping with a child's tantrum can be very difficult. The child screams loudly and inconsolably, falls to the floor, fights off anyone who tries to calm him down. It is very important for parents to develop the correct style of behavior in such situations in time so that the baby does not choose hysteria as a means of manipulating others.

How to deal with child tantrums
How to deal with child tantrums


Step 1

Always be prepared for the fact that the child can throw a tantrum - at home, on a walk, at a party. This is a common behavior in all children under the age of four. The most difficult period is considered to be about 3 years old. At this time, the baby can scandalize several times a day, regardless of the reason.

Step 2

To cope with a child's tantrum as quickly as possible, ignore it. As soon as the child is convinced that the parents are not too impressed by his "performances", he will stop making scandals.

Step 3

Do not give in, changing your decision under the onslaught, otherwise in the future the baby will manipulate you, achieving his goal, solely with the help of tantrums.

Step 4

If you cannot ignore the childish tantrum for various reasons (you can not stand the child's crying, ashamed in front of people on the street, etc.), hug the screaming baby as tightly as possible. Hold it until it calms down.

Step 5

Do not yell at or spank your child. These methods not only will not help to cope with his tantrum, but, most likely, will serve as additional fuel for her. He also does not understand rational explanations of why it is impossible to behave in this way.

Step 6

Take your child's hand (or arms) and leave the crowded place. Hysteria requires "spectators". For the same reason, do not tell your child to stop screaming because everyone is looking at him.

Step 7

Distract the child with any object - an interesting book, a toy, a passing car or a flying bird. Usually, this trick can instantly calm the baby down.

Step 8

Never leave your child alone during a tantrum. In any case, with any behavior he should feel your support and understanding.

Step 9

Observe your baby and find out exactly when he gets irritated. Usually the greatest provocateurs of tantrums are fatigue and hunger. Knowing about the peculiarities of the child's behavior, it will be easier for you to prevent a tantrum than to cope with it later.

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