What If A Guy Is 7 Years Younger

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What If A Guy Is 7 Years Younger
What If A Guy Is 7 Years Younger

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Love is a complex and not fully explored feeling. It doesn't work by the rules. Very often, generally accepted standards are rejected by a man and a woman because of the sudden surging sensations. And beautiful couples are created in which the girl is much older than the young man or they are from different social groups, live on distant continents, etc.

What if a guy is 7 years younger
What if a guy is 7 years younger

What to do if a young man is younger

Very often girls who like a guy much younger have to make a choice. Stay “right” in the eyes of the public, or believe in yourself and your partner and try to build a real strong couple. Indeed, most often the character of a man does not depend on age. You can be responsible and reliable at eighteen and an absolute slob at forty-five. And when choosing a partner, you should focus not so much on the opinion of the public as on your own feelings. If a man, albeit much younger, manifests himself as a real gentleman, if he is ready to take responsibility for a couple and family in the future, then it makes sense to try to create a couple with him.

How to deal with a guy who is younger

Very often girls, meeting young people younger than themselves, begin to feel jealous. It seems to them that flocks of young enchantresses are hovering around their guys, striving to win his love and attention. And suspicions, reproaches, constant proceedings begin, where he was and what he did. You shouldn't behave like that. This speaks of self-doubt and only irritates the partner. It must be remembered that if a young man chose you, knowing that you are older than him, then everything suits him. He likes you the way you are. And it makes no sense to look for treason where they most likely do not exist. On the contrary, you need to make the guy worried that he might be dumped. You can be sometimes mysterious, sometimes angry, sometimes capricious. Do not choke with your love, but show obstinacy. In this case, the young man will constantly think about you, about the relationship, and he will not even have the thought of finding another girl.

You should not go to the other extreme - to turn into a "mommy" of your young man. To patronize him, maintain, constantly give advice. For an independent, self-confident man, such control is the main annoying factor. If for some time he will put up with him out of respect for you, then then his patience will run out, and he will find himself another girl who will allow himself to take care of himself, and not command and control.

Otherwise, building a relationship with a guy who is much younger is no different from interacting in couples, which are considered standard. Mutual understanding, support and the ability to understand and forgive a loved one are also very important.

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