Why Do Loved Ones Leave

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Why Do Loved Ones Leave
Why Do Loved Ones Leave

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Love is one of the brightest feelings that are bestowed on a person. Among her symptoms are a rapid heartbeat, high spirits, the desire to be even more attractive, even more desirable, even better. Love is both concessions and compromises, but, unfortunately, not everyone understands this. From the unwillingness of one of the lovers to give in or take the first steps towards the common good, disagreements arise that can block all that is beautiful that is generated by love. Why does love go away?

Why do loved ones leave
Why do loved ones leave


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Your loved one will leave you if you stop intriguing. One fine day, your man may simply remember what you were like on the day you met him, and compare you past with you, only the present. What do you think, to what conclusions this reflection will lead him. In the worst case, he realizes that you have not changed at all, that since then you have not stopped hesitantly marking time in one place. This happens when you do not develop intellectually, are not carried away by anything, do not move forward, remain spiritually immature.

Of course, this does not mean that your man longs to see you as an intellectual aggressor, next to whom he himself will feel depressed and frustrated. On the contrary, you should not clearly show your mental superiority over a man. But you can't make yourself a complete fool either. In fact, it takes a little artistry from you in order to be able to try on different masks, depending on the situation and the mood of your loved one. Try to combine several images in yourself so that he doesn't get bored next to you.

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A man can leave you if he feels that you are obsessed with him. In fact, being obsessed with someone or something is a pretty serious problem. The thing is that love, in the most beautiful sense of the word, is located only one step away not only from hatred, but also from obsession. This is when you lose control of your emotions. When you lose the ability to think sensibly, if your man is the subject of thought. When jealousy ceases to be a touching proof of love and transforms into some kind of obsession, into a pathological phobia of losing a loved one. Believe me, no man wants to have such a monster next to him. On the contrary, he will strive to be as far away from you as possible, at least out of a sense of self-preservation.

You need to love yourself, first of all, do not dare to forget about it! You, your beloved, must have your own personal space, in which there is no place for him or for anyone else.

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A man will leave you when you bore him in bed. This problem is just as damaging to a serious relationship as the above. Moreover, everything else between you can work out as well as possible, but if there is no mutual understanding in sex, sooner or later your faithful will turn off the path. He will rush to the one, the other, which, perhaps, does not pretend to be a diadem, which can hardly be called smart, and its concoction edible. To the one who is not too lazy to once again open the door for him in a silk robe barely covering her sexy underwear and fishnet stockings that fit her pretty legs. Believe me, he will rush headlong into this twilight fumigated with essential oils, illuminated by only a few scented candles. And if you think about what you should, from time to time arrange for him intimate evenings with a wine flavor on the lips and exquisite dishes that awaken desires. Evenings in which the most daring sexual fantasies are allowed to be realized. Evenings during which you cease to be yourself and belong to yourself, surrendering to the power of surging emotions.

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