First Contact With A Newborn Baby

First Contact With A Newborn Baby
First Contact With A Newborn Baby

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The first few seconds after the birth of a baby are the brightest moments in a woman's life. Previously, the child was taken to the children's department, separation was practiced, today even women after a cesarean section are brought in a child as early as possible, however, taking care of the baby upon themselves. They try to do spinal anesthesia so that the woman is conscious and hears the first cry of the child.

First contact with a newborn baby
First contact with a newborn baby

Expectant mothers should not be afraid if they will be able to establish contact with the child, since the newborn adapts to any mother's behavior and to any of her emotional behavior. If a child was born healthy, then all he needs is to be close to his mother and mother's milk; any woman learns care skills without difficulty within a few days.

Immediately after childbirth, the baby is applied to the breast, the newborn begins to suckle, the first contact between the mother and the baby occurs. Obstetricians even use the breastfeeding method as a prevention of child abandonment; the majority of women who planned to abandon a baby wake up the maternal instinct.

There is no single correct way to care and educate. Choose what seems reasonable and convenient to you - then life in the new status will be harmonious.

In the delivery room, the mother and child will spend about 2 hours, do not waste this time talking with relatives, talking about how the birth went, how the baby was born - pay attention to yourself and the baby. Even simple eye contact means a lot to both. If women perceive a child as something new in their life, then for a newborn, a mother is the only person in a new world for him, with whom he has long been familiar. He is accustomed to the rhythm of your heart, which is why the child is as comfortable as possible in his mother's arms, he feels that he is not alone, hearing the beating of your heart. If the baby is worried, just lay him on the left side of you or lay him on the chest.

In the first few weeks, the child still does not know how to focus his gaze, does not recognize anyone, but he hears you perfectly - talk to him as much as possible, sing songs. If you are worried that maternal instinct is not manifested, then analyze your behavior in general. Maternal instinct is not a "lisp", if a woman before childbirth was stingy with the expression of emotions, then it is unlikely that an overflowing diaper will cause her an emotional outburst about the fact that the baby's intestines are functioning normally. Maternal instinct is, first of all, caring, and love and understanding that you have become a mother may not come immediately, usually this happens within a year after giving birth.

If you feel anxious or overly worried about childbirth, you can visit a psychologist at the antenatal clinic.

Skin-to-skin contact is very important, usually the newborn is immediately placed on his stomach, if there is no urgent need for medical intervention. So the child's skin is not only populated with the necessary microorganisms, something more important is happening: experiments have confirmed that the first contact with the child is very important for any of the parents. Future fathers were invited to the caesarean section, who came right after the child was removed, under any pretexts the fathers were allowed to hold the baby, those fathers who had contact with the child in the first minutes of life were more attentive and caring, did not hesitate to "lisp" with the child.

By the end of the first month of life, the child will learn to recognize his parents and hold his head, will become much more awake, which means more communication with you. The first smile will be the first gift for young parents.

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