What To Do If The Husband Is A Bore

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What To Do If The Husband Is A Bore
What To Do If The Husband Is A Bore

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Living with a husband who suffers from boring, pedantry is a test for any woman, even with strong and iron nerves. But if you want and behave correctly, even with such a person you can find a common language and be happy.

What to do if the husband is a bore
What to do if the husband is a bore

Boredom is a character trait. Men are self-centered bores, do not know how to adapt to situations, do not accept compromises. It is better not to do alterations. This is a waste of time and energy. It is difficult to get along with such a husband, but it is possible, especially if he is a dear and not indifferent person to you.

First of all, you need to figure out what type of "nerds" your spouse belongs to.

Aggressive rigid type

Aggressive - rigid: epileptoid type of character, stubborn, selfish. Goes ahead to his goals and persistently achieves what he wants. It is difficult to find a compromise with this type, it is easier to agree than to try to explain or prove something.

However, you can find positive qualities in his character, and then his tediousness will not be so obvious. First of all, such a man is purposeful and straightforward, which means that you will know better what he wants and what communication strategy to choose so as not to turn family life into a reason for sadness and disappointment.


Melancholic - bore: psychasthenic character. This is an anxious man who insistently demands attention to himself, he is not rational, too picky about trifles. You can communicate with such a husband only with the help of subtle humor, but without a catch and irony.

Consider, these are mentally vulnerable men, do not beat them with your pride claims.


A hidden bore is a man who is constantly dissatisfied with something. First of all, life, work, wife, politics. He necessarily has an object or subject, which is the reason for his discontent and failure. Everyone except him. He's not to blame, period! The hidden bore is prone to scandals, picky about the everyday moments of family life.

Such a person is very attentive, which means it is worth taking advantage of this. Know that he has a good memory, so do not be silent about your desires and preferences. Be sure that he will remember everything and will not forget to please you at the right moment. The main thing is patience and calmness. These qualities will help you get along with such a man. Show him your involvement, take an interest in his life, and empathize with his problems.

It should be understood that there are no ideal men.

Positive qualities, if desired, can be found in bores: very often such husbands are demanding of themselves.

The wives of such men have less opportunity to contemplate the mess in the apartment, scattered things or unwashed dishes. These men are economical, spend money rationally, drink less often. The behavior strategy of wives largely depends on the type of temperament of the woman - the wife. Women with a phlegmatic type of character get along well with bores, and the most difficult thing for a wife is a melancholic.

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