How To Quickly Turn Your Wife On

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How To Quickly Turn Your Wife On
How To Quickly Turn Your Wife On

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To a large extent, the question of how to quickly arouse your wife or girlfriend concerns young guys who do not yet have enough experience in sexual relationships. It will seem surprising, but on the basis of the fact that "he wants, but she does not" may even ruin the marriage.

How to quickly turn your wife on
How to quickly turn your wife on

It's no secret that a wife can quickly get aroused from kisses, affection, and even just words. For millennia, the relevance of what women love with their ears has not been lost. Almost everyone can confirm that you need to talk to your significant other before having sex, it is recommended to make a few compliments.

At the moment of the conversation, you will have the opportunity to sit closer to your wife, just hug her or even kiss her casually, you can stroke her back.

However, you should not pretend that you want something more from her. Do not try to linger with your wife for a long time, let her feel your absence. Perhaps she will begin to think that you do not want her, and she will have a desire to even just check if this is true. In the meantime, you can just go for the wine, it will come in handy.

Here, red wine is preferable, which can raise the tone.

Now you just have to find the right moment and start kissing your soul mate. Start at the cheek and gradually move to the neck area, as this area is erogenous for most women. This is the most effective way to arouse your wife, and it works very quickly.

Kissing and touching is what your success depends on

It has long been known that a woman is aroused much more slowly than a man. Try to stroke her back, fingers, elbow bend. Kiss on the neck and ear for as long as possible. Never rush to all the erogenous zones of a woman at once in order to speed up the process, in this matter, tenderness is very important. When you get to your chest, give preference to movements from the bottom up. Note that women's nipples are very sensitive, so do not overdo it so that your wife does not get hurt. Just limit yourself to light stroking and light kisses.

In conclusion - cunnilingus

After you have done the upper body work, your wife will be ready to give herself completely to you. In the final, you can go to cunnilingus. Kiss your belly gently and gradually lower your soulmate between your legs. To make it comfortable, place a small pillow under your back. When doing cunnilingus, remember about your hands, do not stop working with them: stroke the clitoris, chest, thighs. However, do not try to finish the caress very quickly. Take breaks, it will seem like an eternity to your wife, and she herself will not notice how she is drawn to you.

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